NCSL Board of Directors Meeting - January 24, 2000

Meeting called to order at 7:30PM.

Roll call shows a quorum.

Clubs not present: Baltimore Football, Bowie, Columbia Soccer, Falls Church and Stoddert.

Minutes are approved from the September meeting.

R&D-Ray Greenberg- Current sit-out list is now posted on the web-site. Would like some volunteers for the R&D Committee. Need at least three more people. They do not have to be club reps. Send an e-mail to Ray if interested.

The VYSA Workshop is this weekend in Richmond. State workshops are always very interesting and worthwhile. If you are a Virginia team, part of the fees paid to the state are for JCP credits which can be used to cover the fees for the workshop. Check with Kathleen if interested.

President's Report:
NCSL has been meeting with the assignors and have gotten them on the same electronic page. The scheduling with be improved to help the assignors with their task. Please focus on parent problem. This is happening in other sports as well as soccer and we must do something to help with referee retention. When you meet with coaches and parents, please remind them that this is a game and that the opposing team and referees are not the enemy.

At the last two meetings we did not have a quorum and therefore could conduct business. We are structured in such a way that we cannot run the league without a quorum. Why don't people come? During the discussion that followed, several points were made. Each club rep should have a back-up person that will fill in for them as needed. The schedule for meetings is published a year ahead of time. People are busy and involved and a lot of information is on the web site but the club reps. still need to attend the meeting or we need to change the way we do business. At this time each club counts equally for the quorum and we need 1 over a half to have a quorum. Could we set up a secure voting technique over the internet? How do we hear others opinions if we are not face to face. Chat rooms and e-mails can get very full. Many of our issues are not black and white. Should there be a penalty for teams or clubs when they do not have a representative? Could we use the number of votes each club has to establish a quorum? There is nothing magic about 50% as a quorum, we could change it to a lower number.

Motion made by Team America, seconded by Winchester.
Move to make it mandatory that all clubs be represented at each league meeting by a club re., a substitute or by proxy.
Motion passes.

It is suggested that the rules for a proxy be documented. Proceedure now is that you call or e-mail Kathleen and let her know that someone will be taking your place.

Motion to amend above motion made by Potomac and seconded by SAC.
Take wording of above motion and add that the penalty for not attending a meeting is $100.00. Motion defeated, not accepted by seconder.

Suggestions for dealing with habitual offenders:

  • Post agenda on WEB, two weeks prior to meeting.
    Post meeting and post attendance.
    Ask officers to put together something on responsibilities of club reps.
    Sent habitual offenders a letter and send president of the club a letter.
    Get by-laws on WEB.
Jim needs more help on the applications for admission committee. More than one person needs to look at a club. We have two applications for admission.

Motion by VISTA and seconded by PWSI.
I move that Fauquier Soccer Club be admitted to NCSL.
Motion passes

Motion made by VISTA and seconded by SAC.
I move that we accept Chantilly Youth Association into NCSL.
Motion defeated.

President's Report
Both of the winners of the Regional Coach of the Year Award are from the Braddock Rd. Club. They are Gene Mishalow for the boys, and Anshu Saxena for the girls. Anshu also won the National Youth Girls Coach of the Year. Congratulations to both.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35PM.