NCSL Board of Directors Meeting- August 30, 2001
Meeting called to order at 7:35PM.

Roll call shows a quorum.

Clubs not present: Arundel, Damascus, Washington Soccer Club.

Minutes are approved from the last meeting.

Treasurer-Roger Ney- We will have a final balance sheet by the next meeting. Everything looks like we were close to budget.

Step-in-AR's-Every team has given two names. Green cards for them to use to be paid are in the packets. Each game that they do they fill out the cards and mail them. The program will be evaluated this season. Additional training sessions can be done anytime we need them. Certifications are for the rest of this year and next year. In Maryland, they must wear the entire referee uniform, in Va. only the shirt is required. Over 120 were certified. The states are behind in mailing out badges and cards.

President's report- Jeff Skigan- The scheduling requests take up a 4-inch notebook this time, the system was flooded with particularly difficult request. Please remember that NCSL players may not transfer to another NCSL team after the season has started. The season starts on the first Saturday of play whether or not your team plays. The player pass belongs to the player and teams must give the player a release it he requests one. The pass needs to go to the registrar. If teams change clubs, the league does not care. That is a club issue. The change must be made with the entry materials. If you already have two teams, and an existing team moves to your club, you may have three for that age group. Application for Capital Cup are due Sept.7. U17's and 19's need to apply on time. Applications are on the web site. Please be aware the college coaches at the Capital cup have already decided who they will watch. You need to contact them ahead of time. We would like to have an interactive seminar for the U15 and U16 parents, coaches and players on how to contact a college coach,etc. If there is an interest, please send Jeff an e-mail saying you are interested.

Registration issue- we all get dates for when things are due, these dates are set by registrars who are state volunteers. They are constantly running into the issue where rosters are late, and in order to process them they have to break a rule to let the kids play. The registrars have a lot to process, please get your coaches to get them in on time. There was a team this year that couldn't play in a tournament because information was not in on time. On a reverse note, registrars are accused of favoritism when they break a rule for a team.

Advertising on the web site- Jay Baker addressed the issue. Some leagues are beginning to allow advertisements that they feel are informative. Directions to a soccer store, soccer camps,etc. For $1.50 a week per team,, the store could buy all the teams in a location. WAGS and ODSL have ads. Would like to form a committee to look into it and report back at mid-season meeting. The representatives from Lee-Mt. Vernon, Sterling and SSA volunteered to form a committee.

Each fall we have a mandatory U9, U10 meeting. We had 128 teams attend last night, if a team does not show they are disqualified according to our rules. Last night in the U9 age group we had two teams that did not show. In one case, we have not been able to contact the coach, in the second we were able to contact coach, his excuse was that at the last minute he was required to work and he had no parent he could send. What should we do?

Motion made by VISTA, seconded by Herndon:
Jim Fraze, Va. Commissioner, Ron Siler, Md. Commissioner and Ray Greenberg. R&D, will look into the situation and report back at the mid-season meeting with a recommendation on how to address the issue. In the meantime, no sanctions apply. Motion passes by a roll call 537 for and 340 against.

Consultant for player development-John Ellis- The NCSL club reps change about 20% each year. It is your responsibility to bring back the information to your club. In the last few years, the coaching licensing courses were changed. The F license for new coaches consists of National Youth Modules for U6, U8, U10 and U12. The U10 module is still a very important module because it is the one coaching module that talks about how you work with players, the cognitive and social development as well as the physical. The U12 youth module has now been dropped and made part of the E license course which is an 18 hour course. Clubs should mandate the E license for their travel coaches. The D license covers from age 16 to adulthood and is appropriate for coaches for that age player or those that wish to go on and take the C level course. I encourage all clubs to be responsible and have a soccer education program in your club. Must be sure the information that you give players is correct and precise. A lot of our players technical ability is low. Players must play with good players to improve skills. We need to insure that our coaches are qualified.

R&D-Ray Greenberg- We have put more information on the web site. There is now a summary of cases, please give him feedback on whether you like having more information. Errors have been corrected for the list of teams and their accumulated points. The sit-out list for fall is also on the web site. Every team and club rep has been notified by him. Need to send him an e-mail if the player has left or will not be playing in the fall. We have a brand new rules and procedures manual on the web site and each club rep will get one in the packets handed out tonight. At this point you have to download the whole manual but we will go back and put original sections back so that you can look up one section. At this point Ray Greenberg was presented with a basket of gifts from the Bd. Of Directors and a round of applause for his work.

Va. Registrar-Gloria Gallagher- Thanks to everyone for working so well with Roster Pro. It gives us information that is clear and precise. This is an on-going process. Club reps will need to work with new team managers when teams change managers. Deadlines will be followed from now on. There will be no exceptions.

Administrator-Kathleen Sessions- Tonight the schedules, field loading and contact pages will be on-line and you can view them. Let Kathleen know if there are any problems. If you do not have enough cards for your step-in-ar's or anything else, please e-mail Kathleen. Your step-in-ar names do not go on the game cards. Please look at the contact pages and check for errors, especially e-mail addresses. E-mail corrections to Kathleen.

Motion made by Olny, seconded by Potomac.

Effective fall 2002, the NCSL will continue non-results oriented play through the spring U-10 season.

Implementation Outline:

  1. No scores or standings will be published for U9 and U10.
  2. Every effort will be made to insure that teams do not play each other twice during these introductory seasons.
  3. League play will be regionalized to keep travel times to a minimum. The concept is to have Maryland teams play Maryland teams and Virginia teams play Virginia teams. However, in some case travel times will be lessened by crossing state boundaries.
  4. All other rules of league play will remain unchanged.

Motion passes. This will also defer relegation one season.
Motion made by SWYA, seconded by Fort Washington.

Change the tiebreaker procedures used to determine division standings to include overall team conduct (disciplinary points) and goals allowed as higher measurements than goal differential.

Section IV B paragraph 2 Tiebreakers rules are revised as follows:

In the case of point ties at the end of the regularly scheduled season, final division standings for any teams involved will be determined on the basis of the following tiebreaker sequence:


  • a. Head-to-head result between the two teams or among the three, four, or five teams involved. Using a three-way tie as an example: A beat B; B tied C; C beat A. A is 1-1 0=3 points. B is 0-1-1=1 point. C is 1-0-1=4 points. C is the winner with three tiebreaker points.


  • b. Most wins


  • c. Greatest differential between goals for and goals against.


  • d. Fewest goals allowed during the season.


  • e. Fewest red cards.


  • f. Coin toss by NCSL president.

New wording as follows:

  • a. Head to Head
  • b. Most wins.
  • c. Fewest goals allowed during the season.
  • d. Fewest disciplinary points awarded during the season.
  • e. Greatest differential between goals for and goals against.
  • f. Coin toss by NCSL president.

Motion passes.

Motion to adjourn at 9:25PM.