NCSL Board of Directors Meeting- March 20, 2001

Meeting called to order at 7:30PM.

Roll call shows a quorum.

Clubs not present: Columbia Soccer Club and Falls Church.

Minutes are approved from last meeting.

New club reps are asked to introduce themselves and state their club. All are reminded that only club reps may vote.

Vice-President- Jim Yacobi- Everyone gets a new club rep handbook plus it is on the web site. It is a work in progress and will be changing.

Treasurer-Roger Ney- Handouts are the 6 month financial statement. He has also filed the tax report and will ask Demosphere to put it on the web site.

R&D-Ray Greenberg- The sit-out list for the Spring 2001 season is posted on the web site. Please remind your teams that they must review the list. Also on the web site is a new Players Guide to Red Cards and Yellow Cards and accumulated disciplinary points. Each team should download this guide and distribute it to their players. Thanks to Nancy Fuge, LRSC. Compliance with sit outs is excellent. Thanks to Dennis Quicker in helping teams comply. Century Club listing of teams and total points per club data that Dennis Quicker distributed at the last BOD meeting is generating a positive response. Compliments to PWSI for stepping in and taking appropriate actions at the club level in dealing with their teams. We will be implementing something new for this season. We will be monitoring and recording referee comments made on the blue game cards. If we receive several negative comments on a particular team, we will report that information for the club reps for action. There is a rules clarification: A coach or player, after being ejected from a match, must leave the field immediately and may not return to the field after to game is completed. The NCSL R&D Committee will use the VYSA Policy on Misconduct by Coaches as guidance in reviewing incidents of failure to comply with this no return policy.

Md. Registrar-Mike Basileo- Teams going to Cup there are new rules on the roster cut-off. The changes must be to the registrar at least 7 days before the first cup game.

Va. Registrar-Julie True for Gloria Gallagher- Each team manager needs to have a copy of the manual from the web site. Questions go to the club rep, not directly to the registrar. The message on roster pro needs to be given to all the Virginia teams. There is a new sheet of player passes for the club reps. You need to make a zerox copy and pass these out to your teams. The spacing is a little different on these new player passes. April 15 is when people should begin to test the new roster pro system. Remember, the player pass belongs to the player and you may never refuse to release it. Must also have a player status form to be released or transferred. Please do what you can to facilitate the transfer. Maryland players or teams can check the Maryland web site.

Scorekeeper- Carol Baker- The system is the same as last season except that we will keep scores for the U10's and they will be posted on the web site. People last fall were keeping an unofficial scores by taking them off the hot line. This is against out philosophy, so next fall the scores for U10 will not be on the hot line. Contact information for each team is on the club rep sites, you need to print those out for your teams. We do not make this available for the general public because of confidentiality.

Consultant for Player Development-John Ellis- Thanks to the club reps for giving your time and therefore giving players a chance to play. You are representing 480 teams and NCSL is all about providing them an opportunity to play. Travel players have an intensity and desire. Coaches have a responsibility to them to be the best they can be. Please give them the opportunity to grow without all the hostility on the side-line. There are too many red cards. Coaches need to go to coaching courses and become much more knowledgeable about what to teach at different ages and abilities. John Ellis will come to talk to parents for new soccer teams to let them know what to expect. One of the new courses is for parents. Any player on your team should get at least 50% playing time. If you can't do this, they should not be on your team. Players don't learn sitting on the bench. Every player should enjoy the season and enjoy playing. In NCSL you need to continue to work for excellence.

Administrator-Kathleen Sessions- Packets are here with game cards and all materials for the season. Schedules will be posted sometime tonight and club reps will be able to access field loading. You can give your password to the teams if you wish for them to be able to access the information individually. Occaquon and Bull Run teams please follow the rules. Please pick up trash. Scheduling request got out of hand this spring, It was impossible to honor all the requests. Md. Soccerplex will pull fields on the recommendation f their groundskeeper. They will try to give a weeks notice but you may not be notified ahead of time. They will provide staff and notices. We all need a training session on how to write the field availability forms.

Presidents Report-Jeff Skigan- This is the inaugural season for the Washington Freedom. Opening day is April 14. There is a new travel and tournament manual from USYSA which outlines what you need to do to host a tournament. During the fall season, we had 8 & 9 year old boys running the score up very high. The tiebreaker is now goal differential, we need to take this tiebreaker out of the structure and will have a proposal for you at the mid-season meeting. As club reps and Board of Directors we have very little imput fromcoaches, therefore would like to have 1 or 2 meetings when we invite coaches in Md. And Va. to talk about the league--excluding referees. Also we could have an interactive seminar on the recruiting process for college. We do this at the Capital cup, would like to co this for U15 or U16 so they can plan ahead. There are two efforts underway to help the referee problem. WAGS implemented a $3.00 across the board increase for referees. They also agreed to pay for re-certification if the referee agreed to do at least 10 games and they are also paying for starter uniforms and reimbursing fees after they have done a certain number of games. It is hard for the NCSL to change the budget in mid-year and a discussion during the structure concluded that while we could match this for the centers, there was no guarantee that this would get us additional coverage. It was decided not to increase our fees this season, but we will investigate to see if more games get covered. NCSL is starting a Step-in-Assistant referees program. This will be mandatory for the U12 and U13 in the fall. It is voluntary for the U11 and U12 teams this spring. This requires a one day class, which is usually given on a Saturday. Teams will not play in the league next fall if in the U12 and U13 age groups if you do not have them for your team.

New Business:
Motion by Braddock Road.
Seconded by Little River
That a committee be formed to evaluate whether the NCSl, as recommended by coaching directors at USYSA, NSCAA, and other soccer governing bodies, should extend small-sided soccer through age groups U11 and/or U12. The committee shall prepare a report and recommendations for the May 14, 2001 BOD meeting. The report should evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of small-sided soccer play for these age groups and identify any potential implementation issues (e.g. fields, scheduling) and provide suggestions for addressing such issues. Admendment to motions made by Takoma Park
Seconded by Baltimore Football
The President of NCSL shall form the committee.
Amendment passes.
Motion passes.
Meeting is adjourned at 9:30PM.