NCSL Board of Directors Meeting- October 15, 2001

Meeting called to order at 7:35 PM.

Roll call shows a quorum.

Clubs not present: Arundel, Burtonsville, Falls Church, Freestate, Loudon, Reston, Soccer Assoc. of Columbia, and Winchester.

Minutes are approved from last meeting.

Treasurer - Roger Ney: Will have closing information for the last fiscal year at the next meeting. Should be right on budget with some added money from the Capital Cup.

R&D - Ray Greenberg: All club reps were sent the mid-season report. Very short this time. Best season we have had so far with no problems in U10's and U14's. At the August 30, 2001 BOD meeting, the tiebreaker rules were revised to add disciplinary points awarded to a team during the season as one of the possible tiebreakers. In addition to the points for red and yellow cards issued during a game, the R&D Committee will assess points for suspensions and fines to teams as a result of any R&D decision as follows: each disciplinary suspension assessed against a player will count as 10 points, against a coach it will count as 15 points. Each $100 or fraction thereof assessed penalty against a team will count as 5 points.

Maryland Registrar - Mike Basileo: The USYSA Travel and Tournament Manual states that tournaments cannot require a change in cards (such as laminating), or require housing in specific hotels. Florida in particular has said that you must have laminated cards and stay in one of their hotels for 4 nights. There have also been some tournaments that don't state these requirements in the application but do in the acceptance letter. They may not do this. For more information go to the VYSA.com site and look on the registration page.

Virginia Registrar - Gloria Gallagher: Please send an e-mail to all teams to make sure that they followed the last step in the registration process and after their roster was approved, electronically transmitted their information to the state office.

Scorekeeper - Carol Baker: Everyone is doing a great job.

Consultant for player development - John Ellis: Soccer world is peaceful.

Administrator - Kathleen Sessions: Please double check to make sure there are no games that have not been rescheduled.

President's Report - Jeff Skigan: Capital Cup at Thanksgiving will have 16 U17 teams and 48 U19 teams. The sole purpose of the tournament is to have players shown to college coaches. We had 250 schools represented last year. Games will be played at the Montgomery Soccerplex. Still need volunteers.

Two double headers with D.C. United and Freedom and N.Y. teams, one here on Nov.3 and one in N.Y. Proceeds will go to the Sept.11 fund.

Old Business: Web site advertising. Committee still looking at other web sites and trying to determine what is out there. Plan to have a rec. at the November meeting.

SIAR Report - Roger Ney: Discussion on what people have heard from teams. Communication is the key so that we can decide in November what we will do with the program. Please talk to coaches, team managers and SIARs for suggestions on changes and fixes we need to do for the next season. Roger will send an e-mail to SIAR's about referee classes. SIAR is under referees on the web site.

Motion made by VBSC, seconded by Arlington.

All U-9 and U-10 teams wishing to participate in NCSL must attend a mandatory introductory meeting. Any team NOT attending this meeting will be subject to the following rules, as approved by the NCSL Board of Directors, will be:

  1. Fined $1,000. This fine must be paid to the league prior to the start of the NCSL season.


  2. Required to attend a similar meeting that other teams attended. The meeting time, date, and location will be determined by the NCSL President and must be held prior to the start of the NCSL season. A minimum of 85 percent of all rostered players' parents or guardians (one parent or guardian per player) must attend this meeting. Those parents will sign at the meeting and must be in attendance for the entire meeting.
Should any team fail to meet either of the two above provisions, that team will be removed from league immediately. Removal is not subject to appeal or grievance. Should the team choose to apply to NCSL through normal wait list procedures for older age groups, a minimum of 85 percent of all rostered players' parents or guardians (one parent or guardian per player) must be in attendance at the next mandatory U-9 and U-10 meeting, irrespective of the entering age of the team at that time.

Amendment from the floor made by D.C. Stoddert, seconded by Herndon.

That by separate vote, the fine to the team be $250.00 The rule would be retroactive to the 2001 Fall season.

Amendment passes.

Motion as amended passes.

Motion made by Damascus, seconded by VISTA.

Rewording of Section V, Paragraph D. Discipline, sub-paragraph 5.

The R&D Committee may fine and/or suspend teams for significant misconduct. The committee will decide when a team fits into the category of significant misconduct. The duration of the suspension will be based on the severity of the offense; games missed because of the suspension will be recorded as forfeits in favor of the scheduled opponent. A fine will not be more than $800. The committee will decide on the amount of the fine depending upon the severity of the misbehavior of a team. If a team disbands or does not pay for any reason, the club will be responsible for the fine before the following season.

Motion passes.

Next meeting, November 12, 2001

Meeting adjourned