June 20, 2002
NCSL Board of Directors' Meeting




The meeting was called to order at 7:40PM.


Roll call showed a quorum.  Clubs not present: Baltimore Football, Damascus, Eastern Panhandle, Lee-Mt.Vernon, Mid-County, Soccer Assoc. of Columbia, Vienna, and Washington Soccer Club.


Minutes are approved from the last meeting.


Last Saturday at the VYSA General Meeting, the membership voted to approve background checks on all coaches, team managers, etc.  The fee is $2.00 for every soccer player in all of Virginia for the first year..  This will be a full nation-wide background check.   After the first year, there will be a $10. fee for each background check on new volunteers.  Re-evaluation of the entire environment will determine whether it will be continued after the 5th year.


Ray Greenberg-R & D- All decisions were posted on Monday, but it was not a bad season.  There were a # of terminated games.  Three cases were sent to VYSA for referee abuse and assault, all three were found guilty.  Dennis  Quicker has a list of all players and coaches who will owe a sit-out in the fall.  We had two cases this season where tie-breakers went to disciplinary points, in each case it affected their structure.


Mike Basileo-Md. Registrar-Md. clubs get a handout of player passes,  please make a test print.  Each team also gets one paper on registration.  All forms are on the web site.  If they change the computer program, it will be posted on the web site.  Multiple roster players must first be rostered to one team as their primary roster.  Do not take the social security number for the card # from a VA or DC player.


Gloria Gallager-VA Registrar-Already had a meeting for registrars and the VYSA registration manual has been updated, please throw the old one away.  NCSL has league specific rules, be sure you download the Rules and Registration Manual.  There are special rules for U9 and U10 teams.  The orange sheet has the timelines.  State cup applications must be in the state office by 4 o’clock on August 23rd.  3.0 is the newest version of rosterpro and the version you must use.  The blue membership pass will be returned to the players this year and will no longer be used as a duplicate player pass.  They only sign the white one.  Need registrar volunteers in the Arlington, Falls Church, Great Falls and McLean areas.


John Ellis-Consultant on Player Development-From every World Cup you have changes because the World Cup sets standards.  In this World Cup we are seeing the older established organizations going out early, perhaps they became complacent. The more developing soccer communities are hungry and enthusiastic, and they are doing well.  The NCSL is one of the older youth organizations in the country and must not be complacent.  We are here for the players.  He watched about 40 games last season, and found no game where the parents were out of order.  Also saw some teams out there playing very skillfully.  This is the time of year for coaching courses, if your club does not organize one, make sure that your coaches know about courses in other places.  We cannot become complacent.


Kathleen Sessions-Administrator-  Demosphere sites are back up, all is working.  Be sure all have given her the packets, field forms are on club rep. page, you can get started on it.  Scheduling request forms have multiplied.  We can deconflict for coaches with 2 teams.  Do not turn in a request for no games after 2 on Sunday, etc.  Pick only dates that are important and matter.  Some teams want back to back Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday we generally try to adjust times to have them play later.  Need a U12 scorekeeper for the fall send Kathleen an e-mail if interested.   There was a question on could we compress season for U17’s and U19’s so that they finish before Memorial Day?  It is impacted with state cup and ODP and almost impossible.


New Business: Admission of new clubs to NCSL:


Motion: That St. Mary’s Youth Soccer. Inc./St. Mary’s United be accepted into the NCSL.

 Motion made by Herndon.

Motion passes.

Motion: That Freedom Soccer Club be accepted into the NCSL.

Motion made by Herndon.

Motion passes.


Motion to accept Burke Athletic club withdrawn.   


Motion: We extend the application of league play for Burke on a one time basis.

Motion made by CSA.

Motion passes.


Motion: To accept the consolidated club from the merge of Soccer Club of Baltimore and Baltimore Football Club  to be called The Baltimore Bays Soccer Club.

Motion made by Ft.Washington.

Motion passes.


Motion to adjourn at 9:30PM.