NCSL BOD Meeting-3/24/05
March 24, 2005

NCSL Board Meeting 3/24/05

Meeting was called to order at 7:30PM – Michael Hall – Marshall High School. Roll call was taken and the following teams were absent from the board meeting Burke, Crofton, Great Falls, Reston, Sterling & Westminster Wolves.

Several guests attending this evening’s board meeting: Kathy Diapoulis, President of WAGS, Ben Neil who is running for President of MSYSA and Felicity Russell from the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Felicity Russell presented to the board information concerning the Soccer Kicks for Cancer program. Ray Greenberg stated any NCSL team, who raises $1,000.00 their name will be placed on the NCSL website announcing their accomplishment.

Maryland Commissioner – Claire Filemyr reminded the Maryland Club Reps if they have any problems with their team’s game schedules, to please contact her.

Virginia Commissioner – Lucy Jennings asked that all club reps remind their teams to be sure someone keeps track of red and yellow cards.

Motion for the new club: VSA Gainesville/Haymarket area. Lucy Jennings- Falls Church made the motion to accept VSA into the NCSL. Russ Horn Southwestern Youth second the motion. Discussion ensued - Manassas was against admittance. Mid county was for admittance. Vote was taken - Motion carries.

John Ellis – Spoke of NCSL’s support for soccer development and training players in the league. John encourages the Club’s to continue the good job they are doing with development & training.

Virginia Registrar – Registrars are finding many errors in the packets. The packets are being returned a second time with errors. The Virginia Club Reps. must look over the packets and be sure they are completed correctly before turning them into the registrars.

Md. Registrar – none

R&D Committee – Kurt Klees – Please check the website for the spring sit out list.

Administrator - Kathleen Sessions – Div schedule are posted on the website. Field loading is also posted. Packets will be giving out after the meeting. STAR card – (Debi Honacker-designed thank you Debi). The entire STAR season is to be entered on the one card. Please be sure everyone on the team who serves as a STAR fills their information on the one card. The card is to be mailed at the end of the season to the NCSL office. In order for the team to be paid, they must mail the card. If the card is not received, the team will not be paid. Please remind the manager’s to copy the STAR card before mailing. June 11 & 12 is on the schedule as rain dates. Any team that has players participating at ID camps, need to contact Kathleen so she doesn’t use those dates for rescheduling. Please remind your teams to follow the rules for Occoquan, Bull Run & SoccerPlex. Remind your teams to review the rules for these facilities. The rules are posted on the NCSL website. Also remind your teams to use the spring game cards which will be handed out tonight in your packets.

Treasurer: She has mailed the refunds from wait list. U19 checks have been cut and mailed out. The proposed budget was mailed out with the board meeting agenda for everyone to look over. Motion was made by Debi Honacker - FYPC to accept the budget as presented. Claire Filemyr - Olney seconds the motion. Budget motion carries.

Ben Neil addressed the Maryland Club Reps concerning his bid for MSYSA President.

President Report:

STAR Program

All U12 and U13 teams have submitted names for all three STARs. We have found some errors but they are being corrected. We will verify that the names submitted are valid referees either trained by us or previously certified referees.

USYS Workshop in Salt Lake

I got a lot out of the workshop. I attended a session during every time slot and participated in several good ones:

1. College preparation seminar- Charlie Kadupski, The Sport Source

I have done college prep seminars in the past for the NCSL and was disappointed with the pressure that was put on the players and their parents to sign up for an expensive college prep service. Charlie’s presentation was well done and informative. Charlie does sell a useful book and a matching service that is reasonable priced. The NCSL jointly with WAGS is planning on inviting Charlie to do a college prep seminar and coach’s panel for our members sometime in the April/ May timeframe. May 15th 7:00 PM Marriott located at Tysons Corner

2. Positive Coaching Alliance

This was a very useful and informative sessions. They actually provided some helpful tips for our coaches to be more positive on the sidelines and with their players. As a result of this introduction, I attended the full session put on by WAGS this past weekend; this was an outstanding session. I plan on inviting the Positive Coaching Alliance in to meet with the NCSL Executive Committee so that we can get the details on participating in their lecture series.

NCSL/WAGS Meeting with Newmans and Deplitch

We are competing for referees with other leagues and ever increasing adult leagues. Some of adult leagues are paying $60 for center and 30 for AR.

Proposed a new pay scale that increased pay for upper level games.

Greatest obstacle to good coverage is the large number of schedule changes. Schedule changes after COB Monday are most difficult to get covered.

We are planning to have similar sit down sessions with CASRA as soon as they are available.

NCSL Division Champions Night with D.C. UNITED April 23, 2005 RFK Stadium 7:30 pm


Honor 1st & 2nd place winners from each division from the Fall 2004 season Each head coach recognized on-field before D.C. United game. Each coach presented with commemorative item from D.C. United All participating team names scrolled on scoreboard during DCU game 2 free tickets for each coach with team in attendance (20 or more total persons) $10 tickets for all players in attendance (reg. $24) Discounted tickets for all family/friends in attendance ($18). For all other NCSL teams, tickets will be discounted at $18 and for teams of 20 or more; group leader gets 2 free tickets to a future game

We encourage all NCSL teams to come out and acknowledge our Fall Division 1st and 2nd place winners.

NCSL Calendar – Motion to accept the calendar as presented to the board – Claire Filemyr - Olney. Russ Horn - Southwestern Youth – motion second. Motion carries

Ted Hermeling – Chantilly propose a change to the Rules and Procedures Manual to clarify the Waiting List procedure as identified below. There have been recent instances where an unusual number of teams did not return to the structure or teams dropped out at the last minute which required a Waiting List team to gather themselves and change direction in a very small period of time when a slot opened up, even after having paid to play in another league without the ability to obtain a full refund and a full season before they were ready for NCSL competition. Given the general uncertainty of the timing of these opportunities, I recommend we allow a wait team one refusal of an opportunity before they are bumped from the list altogether. The 48 hour response in the proposed change will allow reasonably quick filling of structure vacancies. Motion to change the NCSL Rules and Procedure Manual Waiting List procedure Russ Horn – Southwestern Youth made the motion to accept. Amendment - add the words club rep to motion. Calvert Second the motion.

Section II Division Structure of the NCSL

A. Definitions

Waiting List

The Waiting List is a list of teams desiring to join the NCSL. Teams may file an application during a season to be put on the Waiting List for a future season at any time. Priority on the Waiting List will be based upon the date of the team’s application. Any team having been disqualified from play within the NCSL at the end of the season may request to rejoin NCSL for the next season by submitting a Wait List Application. A disqualified team may submit a Wait List Application only after written notification of the disqualification has been received. If a disqualified team submits a Wait List Application, the team will be placed at the bottom of the current Waiting List in the order in which the application is received in the league office. All Wait List Applications must be submitted and signed by the sponsoring club representative. When openings occur, the Club Representatives of the teams on the Waiting List will be notified of the opportunity to join the Structure in priority order. Teams must respond within 48 hours of notification whether they wish to join the structure or exercise a one-season refusal of the opportunity. Teams exercising the one-season refusal will maintain their relative priority on the Waiting List, but must accept any opportunity to join the Structure offered in subsequent seasons or be removed from the Waiting List at that time. Teams that have exercised their one-season refusal will be identified by an asterisk on the published list. Teams will remain on the Waiting List until they are accepted into the Structure or removed as described above. In all cases when NCSL applications for league play are submitted, a separate check and a self-addressed stamped envelope must be included. This check should include the NCSL fee and the applicable state fee. If the applicant is not accepted into the Structure for the current season, or is removed from the Waiting List, the check will be returned before the season begins. This procedure will be repeated for each season until the team is either accepted into the league or is removed from the Waiting List.

Motion carries.

Meeting Adjourned.