NCSL BOD Minutes -5/9/05
NCSL Board Minutes 5/09/05

Clubs not present: Arundel, Baltimore Bays, Bethesda, Bowie, Braddock Road, Calverton, Little River, Manassas, Mid County, Potomac, and Winchester.

Meeting was called at 7:30PM by Ray Greenberg.

Minutes of the 3/24/05 board meeting approved.

State Commissioners – no reports

Vice President – no report

Secretary – no report

Treasurer – no report

John Ellis – Discussed the importance of player development.

Registrars (Maryland & Virginia) – no reports

Rules & Discipline - Kurt Kleess – Vice Chairman– NCSL Rules & Discipline have had more cases this season especially misconducts towards referees by coaches, players and parents. Also, behavior of parents towards players has also been on the rise.

NCSL Administrator - Kathleen Sessions – Since there’s the possibility of rain this weekend reviewed the Rain out procedures. The Club Rep must call by 7AM or call 2 hrs before the scheduled game. The home team must call their opponents. Also managers should be calling their opponents the Thursday before the weekend game. Car Magnets – NCSL will be offering for purchase soccer ball magnet with the NCSL logo - cost $2.00 each. Fall entry forms can be picked up after the meeting.

Howard Kohn– Takoma Park – Elections – anyone who wants to place a nomination should send an email. Email address –

President Report – Ray Greenberg - Kathie Diapoulis and I met with CASRA and the meeting was very productive. We opened a dialogue that really didn’t previously exist. We are competing for referees with other leagues, state cup matches, and ever increasing adult leagues. We did discuss coverage issues and the fact that some of the CASRA assignors are overwhelmed at times. CASRA management promised to use CASRA sub-assignors from one area to help other sub-assignors when needed. Again it was emphasized to us that the greatest obstacle to good coverage is the large number of schedule changes. Schedule changes that come late in the week are most difficult to get covered. Mike Harloff, DC United thought the event was successful overall. Feedback from the coaches to Mike was very positive. We had 25 teams turn out who were honored (32% of the 78 who were eligible). We had 4 additional NCSL teams who were not being honored, but attended the game. In all we had a total of 29 teams, about 850 people attend.

New Business – first item – Positive Coaching Alliance – Bobby Moran, Coaching Alliance gave a presentation explaining the benefits of establishing a partnership. Highly recommended that the Club Reps visit the website where it explains the workshops. Gary Wheeler – MSC – Proposed the following: Partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance Purpose: To implement a program with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) that will complement and enhance the NCSL’s mission statement with regard to sportsmanship and fair play. Target Audience: All players, coaches, parents, and administrators of the NCSL. Only three workshops will be presented during the first year. It is hoped that, by focusing the education on our coaching community, this important information will “trickle down” to parents and players of the teams as well. Presentation to Club Reps: If available, Bobby Moran of PCA will be asked to give a promotional presentation, similar to the one that was given to the Exec Committee, at the May 9 Club Rep meeting. Format: The NCSL will host three mandatory interactive workshops that will be presented by the PCA during the 2005-2006 seasonal year. During the first year of the partnership, all workshops will be “level 1” workshops, as defined by PCA. The participants for the three workshops will be as follows: Year One: Workshop #1- All U9 and U10 Coaches (August 30) Workshop #2- All U11 and U12 Coaches (possibly done toward end of fall 05 season) Workshop #3- All U13 and U14 Coaches (possibly done prior to spring 06 season) Year Two and Beyond: Will determined after a review of the success of the year one workshops. It is the expectation and desire that level 2 workshops will be required of those coaches who attended level 1 workshops in year one and that a level 1 workshop will be required of new coaches. We will need to get confirmation from PCA that their program will be effective with up to 120 participants per workshop. We will also need to secure a facility that will accommodate these numbers. Cost: Base Cost: $1750 per year Participant Cost: $5 per participant Facility Cost: 1800 Total Cost of Program: $5400 (to be assessed on fall invoices at $15/team Debi Honaker – Fairfax made motion to accept the draft as presented. Kathy Theisen – VISTA - second motion. Discussion ensued. Vote was taken. Motion carries.

Dave Shannon – Frederick Excel Soccer Club– Motion was made to begin the U-11 age group to play 8V8 beginning this fall ’05 season. Jeffrey Saul – Severna Park - seconds the motion... Discussion ensued – The U-11 age group structure will continue as result oriented. Vote was taken. Motion carries.

Meeting adjourned.