NCSL board meeting

March 23, 2006

Meeting was called to order at 7:30PM. Roll Call taken, the following Clubs were not present: Arundel, Bowie, Burke, Crofton, FreeState, Reston, St. Mary’s, Stafford, Virginia Soccer Assn, Westminster.

Minutes approved unanimously.

Maryland Commissioner – Claire Filemyr – showed sample of the new TSL badge – Duties & instructions of the TSL duties appear on the back of the card.

Virginia Commissioner – Lucy Jennings – Communications from the NCSL to the clubs is the responsibility of the League Rep. It is most important that you take back the information discussed at these board meetings as well as information distributed to you via email from the league to the managers of your teams. Club Rep’s are the lines for communication to our member Clubs.

Maryland Registrar – Mike Basileo – absent - no report. Ray Greenberg informed the board that Mike Basileo’s son passed away, our thoughts are with Mike and his family at this time of grief.

Virginia Registrar – Lisa Wilson absent, Debi Honaker relayed the issues concerning registration. The registration packets that are dropped off are not being prepared properly. The forms are not being completely filled in, rosters are not printed properly, missing copies (remember 3 copies of everything), and managers are visiting the registrar’s late at night.

Rules & Discipline - Gary Grosicki asked Ray to remind everyone to check the sit out report. The report has been posted on the website for the sit outs owed for the spring season. Gary also stated that parent sideline behavior of is gone down hill.

PCA training – if coaches did not attend the last meeting they must take on line.

Kathleen Sessions –Schedules will be on the web site after tonight’s meeting. Packets will be ready after the meeting as well. You will find in your packets sample game cards. Please be sure to hand out to each manager of your teams.

Treasure – Anne Maynes – Report of what has been paid out to the STARS - $13,086.00.

STAR fall 2005

U12 – 6,144 – 63%

U13 – 3,792 – 59%

U14 – 3,150 – 48%

Budgeted for 2005-2006 - $23,000, we will definitely be on budget.

VP – None

Secretary – None

President’s report

March 23, 2003

Status of replacement of Newmans

As I previously reported, Mike and Judith Newman stepped down at the end of last season as assignors for northern VA. Mike and Judith cover Northern VA on a alternate weekend basis, the other weekend is assigned by Sharon Deplitch

Kathie Diapoulis, Kathleen, Debi, and I interviewed several candidates for the position. We select Don Walthal and Don accepted the position back in December. Last month Don contacted Kathie and I and informed us that he was not going to take the position. We were very disappointed that Don backed out at the last minute. The committee was very impressed with one of the other candidates and we offered the position to Tarey Houston. Tarey accepted the position and has been working closely with Sharon Deplitch to come up to speed. Sharon will assign the first 2 weekends of the season and Tarey will assign the 3rd weekend, after that they will assign on an alternate weekend basis.

Club Rep Workshop

I haven’t heard much feedback but I believe the workshop was very successful. In addition to the 12 members of the Executive Committee, we had 13 club reps attend. If desired, we can hold one of these session each season. Please let me know. We discussed the following 3 topics:

U12 small sided

We spent a lot of time discussing playing U12 small sided. The consensus was:

  1. that it should implemented
  2. we need to give our teams adequate time to prepare such that we should not implement before Fall 2007

a motion on small sided play will be submitted for consideration at our next Board of Directors meeting.

TSL training

We also spent considerable time discussing the fact that side line behavior has deteriorated over the past few season. Suggestions to reverse this trend:

  1. New TSL badge
  2. Club reps need to a) emphasize the importance of appropriate side behavior to all their teams and b) stress the importance of the role of the TSL.
  3. The NCSL should start with some voluntary training for our TSLs and should consider making the training mandatory.
  4. As president, I
  5. should generate a letter to all of clubs and teams on sideline behavior and the role of the TSL.

Limiting U10 goal differential or the spring season

The point was made that running up the score at U10 is not only unfair to the opponent, it does not help you’re a U10’s team placement for fall U11. We did not come up with a specific solution but we are requesting all club reps to contact their U10 teams to explain the tie breaker rules and to request in the spirit of sportsmanship that teams should not run up the score.

There at 2 updates that need to made to the R&P Manual for clarification purposes.

  1. Revise wording on disqualification from the league at the end of the season to address the situation if there are less than 10 teams in the bottom division than less than 5 teams will be disqualified.
  2. Revise wording for teams electing to exercise their one-time right of refusal to come off the waiting list; establish timing needed to notify the league and need to submit a wait list check.

Ellis Goalkeeper Clinic for Coaches

John Ellis has organized goal keeper clinics for NCSL coaches both in Virginiaand Maryland. April 10 is the date in Virginia and it will be under lights at EC Lawrence Park in Centreville organized by South West Soccer Club. Specifics on the clinics will be posted on the web site as soon as the clinics are comfirmed.

Upcoming events

May 8- next NCSL Board of Directors meeting

New Business –

Motion was made to accept the 2006 - 2007 budget.

Motion accepted by Frederick, second by PWSI.

Motion passes.

Motion was made to modify the wording to Section II, A-Team:

Current text

A team is a group of players sponsored by a club that competes…..In addition, U9-U11 teams may have no more than two underage players on the roster. Underage is defined…by their state associations and USYSA.”

Proposed text

A team is a group of players sponsored by a club that competes…In addition, U9&U10 teams may have no more than two underage players on the roster and U11 teams may have no more than three underage players on the roster. Underage is defines…by their state associations and USYSA.”

Motion was accepted and seconded.

Discussion – This ruling would be implemented for the fall season.

Call for a vote –Motion carried and was approved.

Good of the game - Calvert & St. Mary’s teaming up to put on Crab knocker tournament on Father’s Day Weekend.

Motion made to adjourn. Second by FPYC.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55PM.