NCSL Board Meeting

Meeting held Marshall High School – Fall Church, Virginia

August 30, 2007

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm.  Roll indicated the following clubs were not in attendance: Braddock Road Youth Club, LaPlata Soccer Academy, Loudoun Soccer Club, Virginia Soccer Association, and Westminster Wolves Soccer Club.

Seeing and hearing no objections, the minutes from the June 22, 2007 meeting were approved by unanimous consent.

Ray Greenberg opened the meeting stating what a busy week it had been with a mandatory U9, U10 or new administrators meeting on 8/28, a PCA Double Goal I workshop on 8/29.  Two more PCA workshops are scheduled a Double Goal II on 9/4and a Double Goal I on 9/6.

Maryland Commissioner - Claire Filemyr – Claire reported that 12 teams did not attend the PCA workshop.  A couple of the teams were excused since it was a wait list notice mix up.  The list of coaches is posted was posted on July 16.  There is still space open in both PCA workshops scheduled next week.  Please look over the list to be sure it is correct and do be sure the coaches that need PCA certification do so before the season begins.

VA Commissioner - Maureen Dalbec – Contact information on the NCSL website must be updated.  This contact info is how the league communicates with the teams.  Club Reps must be sure there are a coach, assistant coach and manager listed, if you find that information missing please contact the team.

Maryland Registrar – Mike Basileo – Please take back to your teams if they have problems or questions concerning registration to use the designated contact person for Registration.  ADG is receiving too many calls that could have been handled locally.   

Virginia Registrar – Lisa Wilson – Teams are calling Registrars asking why there packages are not ready.  Club Reps please help the Registrars out by making sure all information is filled in correctly. 

Rules & Discipline – Suspension list is posted.  Please be sure your teams check to see if they have any sit outs due.

NCSL Administrator - Kathleen Sessions – fall packages are ready for pick up after the board meeting tonight.   Please relay to your teams that every schedule request was looked over.  Unfortunately there’s no way to accommodate every request.


Treasurer – Anne Maynes – no report

Secretary – Gina Clapp – no report

Vice President – Debi Honaker – WAGS passed the use of a club player pass for U9, U10 and U11.  The pass must be used within their age group and only one game per weekend.

President Report – Ray Greenberg - STAR Report was sent out in mid August.  The list consisted of 10-15 teams that did not have their STAR information entered.  Club Reps please verify teams required to have STARS have 3 filled in.  Kathleen updated the list at 4 P.M.; it will be sent to Club Reps tomorrow, please review.

There was another goal incident in mid August.  Ray received an email from the Mother of the child.  Luckily he was not injured.  Please remind your coaches to be sure goals are secure.  Ray suggested coaches or managers should carry 4 sand bags in their car to use a scrimmages or practices to secure the goals.

Motion was made and second to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM. 

Respectfully submitted:

Gina Clapp,