NCSL BOD Meeting - 1/11/07

NCSL Board Meeting

January 11, 2007




Meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm. Roll indicated the following clubs were not in attendance: Mid County Soccer Association.


Seeing and hearing no objections, the minutes from the November 14, 2006 meeting were approved by unanimous consent.


New Club rep – Dan Stodola - Manassas Soccer was introduced to the board of directors.

Also introduced Maureen Dalbec Club Rep from the Mclean Soccer Club will replace Lucy Jennings as the NCSL Virginia Commissioner. 


Maryland Commissioner – Claire Filemyr – PCA training certification required of all our coaches is good for 2 years. Any Coach who needs to recertify might be interested in attending the Double II goal coach session that will be offered at the MSYSA workshop. March 13 double I goal also 2 sessions being held Jan 20 or 24th must contact Wags directly to register.


There is a New Team Administrator’s meeting scheduled Tuesday - March 27 here at Michael Hall. A list will be made up of teams that should attend this meeting. A team is considered new, if it has not played in the NCSL for 2 consecutive seasons. As club reps if you are aware of any existing teams that have new managers though it’s not required you should encourage them to attend this meeting. Also new club reps are encouraged to attend; this will help you understand how the league operates.


VA commissioner – Maureen no report


MD Registrar - Mike Basileo – The State is still working with the new automated registration system. Last week there were some problems when the system was taken down to update the system. When the system came back online there were problems. Things seem to be working now so any older age groups that haven’t registered the system should be up and ready to use.


January 27th - MSYSA Workshop will be held at the Baltimore Arena back where it was held last year. It is an all day workshop. PCA will be one of the work sessions offered as well as a Referee course. Everyone who attends the workshop will receive a free ticket to the Baltimore Blast game that evening. 

Question from member: When is the Deadline for registering for the MD State Cup? Believe the deadline is 1/19/07. The cup draw will be held at the workshop.


Virginia Registrar– no report.


R&D – not present – Ray stated the sit outs owed report will be up on the web site, remind your teams to verify so they can serve any sit outs owed.


Administrator Kathleen Sessions – Any one who has high school forms after tonight please email them to Kathleen. She will forward this information to the Structure Committee. If you haven’t turned in your registration packet please do so after the meeting tonight.


Secretary – Gina Clapp no report


Treasurer – There was a handout indicating what has been paid out this year to date. STAR, Referee Bonus $17,527 (8,400 was paid towards Referee bonus’s)

The following have requested STAR payments:

U12 - 70% applied

U13 - 56% applied

U14 – 54% applied


Six Virginia clubs have paid for games played at the Northern Virginia Complex. NCSL was billed for short sided games which were never played – a refund was given to the NCSL. Working on the amount of the refund for each team but we are waiting to be sure these teams have completed the NCSL fee forms correctly before issuing any refunds.


Vice President - Debi Honaker – no report


President – Ray Greenberg – PCA has a parent workshop – suggest that you tell your parents to take the course. The course is $25.00 but is worth the cost.


MSYSA workshop is scheduled January 27th at the Baltimore Arena as Mike mentioned earlier this evening.


VYSA Feb 9th & 10th in Richmond – VYSA Club Presidents have been invited, the cost will be cover by VYSA.


Rules & Procedure manual – Ray always updates. The manual will be updated with the motions that have been past by the Board of Directors.

Questions: update your contact info – is it the teams responsibility to update their contact information. The teams can’t log into the contact section until structure has been completed.


Good of the game:

Question from the floor - What size goal will be used for the Maryland state cup 8X24- small sided play has not been added to the Maryland State Cup this year.    


Motion to adjourn motion made and seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:55PM.