NCSL Board of Directors Meeting

June 22, 2009

Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30PM.

Roll call indicated the following clubs were not present: Baltimore Bays, Loudoun and Reston.

Minutes for the May meeting were approved.

VA Commissioner-Maureen Dalbec-We need all the high school age teams to be sure to include their information for structure.

MD Commissioner-Claire Filemyr-PCA- There will be two courses in August.  DGI will be offered on Tuesday, August 25 and DGII will be offered on Thursday, August 27, both in the Marshall High School Cafeteria.  The NCSL is instituting a $25.00 fine for taking the online course for the first time.  This is in addition to the PCA fee charged for taking the course online.  The fine will be $50 each subsequent time the online course is taken instead of workshop attendance.  There will be a $100 fine for failure to submit to the NCSL documentation of completion of the online PCA course prior to 5PM August 15.  Plus, $100 for failure to submit to the NCSL documentation of completion of the online course by 5PM of the Wednesday prior to the first league game.  If a game is played by a team whose head coach has not completed the PCA requirement and submitted the certification to the NCSL for verification, the game is subject to forfeit.

VA Registrar-Lisa Wilson-The 2009-10 database is up and running.  Clubs need to do the club application before teams start on rosters.  There is a new registrar, Carol Coulter for Burke and Braddock Road.  You must use new player passes, no old forms are allowed.  There will be a training session at Marshall High School on July 11 for team managers.  It will be in the cafeteria and will begin at noon.

MD Registrar-Mike Basileo-The online registration system is ready.  Clubs must register first.

R&D-Barry Finkelstein-There were 2700 games, 26 R&D instances, only three formally went to R&D, the other 23 went back to the club reps.  Less than 1% of the games had an issue for R&D.  I would like to thank all the club reps for their help this season.

NCSL Administrator-Kathleen Sessions-Thank you to everyone for your help with the bugs in the new system.  Schedule request forms and fields are due July 10.  Once the division structure is finalized, in mid-July, teams will be able to go in and add information.

Treasurer-Anne Maynes-I hope you all received a copy of the update on our expenditures to date.  Our fiscal year ends on June 10.  There are some additional referee bills to be received and paid and we have not paid for trophies yet this season so those are not included in the total expense.  We should operate at a deficit again this year, it was my goal to use some funds that were excess and not needed for our reserve.  We have about 120 thousand left in money market and checking so we will not have a problem meeting out needs.

As I mentioned at the March meeting, we have divided the money that we plan to use for the season into two banks.  This gives us federal insurance over this part of our money.  We will have to reassess in the winter when we see if the higher amount of money insured is extended.

Our reserve is a little more than $500,000 and is primarily in CD’s.  The CD’s are bought for less than $100,000 from different banks so that they are fully insured.  We do have some reserve in mutual funds and we lost some there on paper, but there is no immediate reason to realize these losses because we have no need to sell the stock.  It represents about 20% on our reserve.

President-Ray Greenberg-We have a member who is retiring after 20 years of service.  He is Russ Horn the SYA club rep and we thank you for your valuable contributions.   Russ was presented with a basket of various goodies.

New Business:

A motion was made by Takoma Park and seconded by Braddock Rd to accept PAC as a club.  The report from the committee stated that they were eligible for entry based on number of fields and number of existing teams. They are based in Fairfax County, have no rec league but do have an academy program.  Their teams are currently playing in VISTA.

After discussion, the motion was defeated.

A motion was made by Frederick and seconded by VISTA to change the section regarding High School conflict rescheduling in consideration of the expanded roster size (22) at the U16 and higher age groups.  There is no reason to reschedule a match when a team has 19 players available (22-3).  This proposal protects the original intent for the 18 player roster and is in line with the fact that on game day the team must choose a roster of 18 players or fewer to participate in the match

The wording would change to:

Three or more payers on the club team are players on the high school team(s) involved with the conflicting game(s) and the remaining number of players on the current certified roster is 15 or fewer; e.g., a team with 19 players on the roster has 3 players with a High School conflict would not get their game rescheduled.

Motion passes.

Motion to expand the player roster and amend the game day roster for all age groups, made by WSC and seconded by VISTA.

Motion ruled out of order because of a conflict with the MD state rules.

Motion to amend the bylaws to allow the VA Club representatives to vote for their choice of candidate for contested elections at the VYSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) with the winner carrying the entire NCSL block of votes, made by Prince William, seconded by Braddock Rd.

Ray Greenberg states that in reviewing the motion, he sent an email to Larry Monaco, President of USYSA and in his opinion the motion is out of order.  Ray sought legal consul to see if the motion is in conflict with the Articles of Confederation, their ruling is that the motion is out of order.  A letter of legal opinion was presented and a representative from the law firm Rees Broome stating that this motion is inconsistent with the Articles and therefore out of order.  It also violates the provisions of the VYSA bylaws.

Motion ruled out of order.

Motion by CYA and seconded by Takoma Park that the President be directed to cast votes at the VA AGM in favor of Ray Greenberg as Vice –President.

Motion withdrawn.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Olney.  Motion was second by McLean. Motion approved unanimously.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ann Maynes and Gina Clapp.