NCSL Board meeting

Marshall High School – Michael Hall


Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. 

Roll call indicated the following Clubs were absent: Annandale Boys & Girls Club, Bay Shore Soccer Club, Bowie Soccer Assoc., Crofton, DC Stoddert Recreation, Falls Church Soccer Club, FC Frederick, Montgomery Soccer Inc., Northern Virginia Soccer Club, Seneca Soccer Assoc., Takoma Park Soccer, and Westminster Wolves Soccer Club.

Maryland Registrar – Mike Basileo - absent

Virginia Registrar – Lisa Wilson – Teams relegated out of their leagues need to email Lisa to change NCSL to ODSL or ODSL to NCSL – they cannot email her until Kathleen assigns the teams coming into the NCSL team numbers.

Maryland Commissioner – Claire Filemyr – thanks to all the Club reps for communicating to your coaches to sign up for PCA already have some that have registered for the upcoming workshops.

Virginia Commissioner – Maureen Dalbec – no report.

If your club wants to hold a PCA workshop please contact NCSL and arrange through us –NCSL will reimburse your club $15.00 per person up to $650.00.  If you hold a workshop, she will need a sign in sheet to confirm coaches attended the workshop.

If your club holds a workshop, please communicate it to Claire so she can inform members you are having a workshop. 

NCSL Rules & Discipline - Barry Finkelstein – Past season played 2500 games.  Out of these games, 37 items brought to R&D’s attention.  7 were protests, 30 incidents – 8 no action, 22 potential action.  Club reps have risen to the occasion – they have stepped up and the clubs have taken responsibility to work with R&D with disciplinary action.

Ray complimented Barry for doing a good job.

Administrator - Kathleen Session – Hooray the season is over.  Trophies are on their way via UPS.
All your spring entry materials – There’s an error on the registration materials, due date is indicated as Nov. 19 please change that to January 12.  Kathleen will send an email to remind everyone.  Five or six games were not be played, the league could not reschedule due to all the rain. Games could not be rescheduled after Nov 15 since that is the date the fall season ends. 

Treasurer – Anne Maynes– No Report

Secretary – Gina Clapp - No report

Vice President - Andy Schoka – not present

President - Ray Greenberg – No report

New business – Motion made by Ted Hermeling – Chantilly Soccer Club.

Any member club, club officer, director, agent, team or player associated with a member club, within seven days of the written or verbal publication of information whichever comes first, concerning actions of the officers, State Commissioners or Board of Directors of NCSL, who feel(s) aggrieved of such action and are desirous of having their grievance heard, must send by registered mail to the NCSL President, c/o NCSL Office, P.O. Box 1519, Manassas, VA 20108, their written grievance citing the remedy requested and a check in the amount of $200 payable to NCSL.

Motion was second by Lisa Wilson - VISTA.  Seeing no other discussion Ray Greenberg called for the vote.  Motion passed.

Lisa Wilson reminded everyone that the Virginia Workshop is January 22 & 23.  There will be three grand prizes: 26” LG TV, WII game System and a NetBook.

Claire Filemyr moved to adjourn the board meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 8:13 PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by Gina Clapp Secretary NCSL.