NCSL Board Meeting

August 26, 2011

Westin Hotel – Fall Church, VA


Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.


Roll call indicated the following Club Reps were not in attendance: Annandale, Calverton, Crofton,

DC Stoddert, Davidsonville, Fort Washington, Prince William, Southwestern Youth, Washington Soccer,

and Westminster Wolves.


Seeing and hearing no objections, Ray Greenberg asked the board to accept the June 20, 2011 minutes. The minutes approved by unanimous consent.


State Commissioners:


Claire Filemyr - Maryland  PCA Workshops - Will review the attendance of the PCA Workshops after completing her registrar responsibilities.

Maureen Daulbec  Virginia – Inside your packets for the fall you will fount the TSL Badge. Please remind your teams of the importance of the TSL position. Be sure to give the badges out to each team and remind them to wear the badge. Teams should utilize the TSL to keep things calm on the sideline.

State Registrars:

Mike Basileo - Maryland – not present

Lisa Wilson  Virginia – Request that when you do your packets that you meet all required deadlines. Please stay on top of your teams to meet these required deadlines as well.

Rules & Discipline - Barry Finkelstein – The sit out list for the upcoming season has been posted. Please remind your teams they need to check the list to be sure they have met all required sit outs for coaches and players. Team should be more aware who has red cards with the new online system.

Administrator - Kathleen Sessions - schedules are up. Be aware the NCSL club rep field-loading page is available.     WAGS have not released their scheduling so there could be changes in the field loading age.

There have been 9 teams that dropped from the league after the deadline. If any of your teams are less one game, it is because it was too late to reconfigure the structure.

Coaching conflicts – Kathleen will review the coaching conflicts one more time. The schedule looks good as far as coaching conflicts. Though there are some conflicts that remain, she did her best to meet them.

Please be sure to pick up your clubs team packets before your leave tonight.

Treasurer  Anne Maynes – no report

President - Ray Greenberg – sent notification to all the ref assignors that the U14 age group no longer required to use STARS.   The Younger age groups still require STARS but the number required has been reduced to 2 STARS per team (instead of 3). 

The blue game cards will no longer be mailed. Referees are asked to hold on to the cards for a reasonable amount of time to be sure hearings and appeals have been completed.

Sit out cards – remind teams they are to mail the sit out card and to be sure to make a copy in case it should get lost in the mail. 

A team Coach was suspended for 2 seasons because he failed to fulfill his required sit out requirement. The coach appealed the decision.   The appeals committee unanimously denied the appeal.

National Championship Committee has made some rule changes.   The roster size for U14 – U19 teams is 22. Maryland has passed the same rule for their U14 – U19 teams. NCSL will continue to keep the roster size of 18 since Virginia has not changed their roster size rule. 

New Business:

Motion by FC Frederick changes the no. of players using the club pass from 2 players to unlimited for U9- U10 age groups. The motion was second by Lisa Wilson. 

Lisa Wilson requested a friendly amendment to change the wording from unlimited to 4 players.

The motion was second. A roll call vote was taken. The motion passed.


Claire Filemyr made a motion to adjourn the NCSL board meeting. Motion was second by Lisa Wilson.

Meeting adjourned at 8:56 PM.


Next NCSL Meeting – Nov 14th – Spring 2012 materials distributed.