NCSL Board Meeting

Marshall High School

January 10, 2011


Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.


Roll call indicated the following Clubs were not in attendance: Fairfax Police and Southwestern Youth Association.


Seeing and hearing no objections, Ray Greenberg asked the board to accept the November 15, 2010 minutes.  The minutes approved by unanimous consent.


Ray introduced and welcomed several new Club Reps to the NCSL Board.


NCSL Commissioners
Maryland – Claire Filemyr:  PCA meeting information can be found on the website please be sure your new coaches and coaches who need recertification have registered.  When the coach has taken both levels, their certifications are good for 4 years. 

If your Club is holding a PCA workshop please let Claire know.  NCSL will pay up to $600 towards the workshop.


Virginia – Maureen Dalbec – no report.



Virginia – Lisa Wilson – Player passes are in the back, these are for Virginia teams only.  All teams coming into the NCSL must notify Lisa of their NCSL Team number and their ODSL roster.  You must get a NCSL roster and player cards.  She must move them in the database.


Maryland – Mike Basileo – Maryland State Cup rules are on the website.  Also information about President’s Cup competition can be found on the MSYSA Website.  Rosters freeze date is earlier this year.


Rules & Discipline

Barry Finkelstein – there were approx. 2,700 games played, 1,970 cards issued (201 Red, the remaining were yellow) and 20 coaches ejected.

The spring, 2011 sit out list is in the process of being compiled.  When posted please review to make certain there are no issues with your teams.  Barry suggested that managers go to the referee after the game and ask to verify the score and the player numbers of those issued cards.  Also best to figure out after the game that the referee has indicated the correct person ejected from the match be it the coach, assistant coach or the manager.



Kathleen Sessions – Entry materials are due tonight.  The NCSL Club Rep. enters teams electronically.  Last year a club paid to play but neglected to enter electronically, this caused some confusion.



Gina Clapp – Club Reps please be sure you have signed in, if you have not please be sure to do so before leaving the meeting tonight.  Those Club Rep’s that were asked to be a Proxy for another Club Rep please be sure you sign in for them as well.


The mandatory Administrator meeting for new teams has been scheduled for Monday, March 21, 2011 at 7:30pm at Marshall High School - Michael Hall.  After Kathleen collates the team submissions, a list will be posted on the website listing new teams that must attend this Mandatory Meeting for New Teams.  Please be sure any new teams have a representative at this meeting.  The meeting is open to any administrator who would like to attend as well as any new Club Reps.



Anne Maynes – After reviewing the proposed budget, there are no plans to increase the NCSL Fees.



Ray Greenberg – Claire and Ray met with CASRA and discussed the Online Reporting System.  CASRA was concerned that referee names, email and phone numbers would be accessible to the public.  Ray explained that he is the only one who sees that information.  Referee reports with referee names are shared with the R&D Chairman.


Last month Andy Schoka stepped down as Vice President.  Ray made proposal that Claire Filemyr serve the remaining term.  The proposal was accepted by unanimous consent.


Vince Yates will be sitting on the executive board.  With the addition of Vince the executive board has equal representation for Maryland and Virginia.


Ray announced that his is running for President of MSYSA and asked for the Maryland Clubs to support him in the election coming up in June, 2011.


Good of the Game

The VYSA Workshop is next weekend.

Lisa Wilson made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Motion was second by Claire Filemyr.

Meeting adjourned.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Gina Clapp, NCSL Secretary.