NCSL Board Meeting Minutes


Marshall High School

Michael Hall


Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Roll call indicated the following clubs were not in attendance: Annandale Boys & Girls Club, Calverton Soccer Club, Freedom Soccer Club, and Westminster Wolves Soccer Club.


Seeing and hearing no objections, Ray Greenberg asked the board to accept the January10, 2011 minutes.  The minutes were approved by unanimous consent.




NCSL Commissioners

Maryland – Claire Filemyr – The second PCA workshop is taking place now down the hall in the cafeteria.  There are approximately 125 coaches in attendance.  If you have a coach that is not or needs to update their certification please have them contact Claire Filemyr.


Team TSL – There are TSL cards in your spring packets for your teams.  Please talk to your teams about the importance of the TSL.  The NCSL has expectations of sideline behavior.  It is important that the TSL volunteer is aware of their responsibilities.  The TSL responsibilities are conveniently listed on the TSL card.


Virginia- Maureen Dalbec - no report



Maryland – Mike Basileo - no report


Virginia – Lisa Wilson - Its tournament time.   Please (Virginia members) remind your teams to verify what the deadlines are for submitting paperwork.   Some are sending their package the night before the deadline is due.  The packages being dropped off have many errors, which will delay the paperwork.   Registrars cannot approve a package if there are errors on the forms.


Rules & Discipline

R&D Chairman – Barry Finkelstein - Barry invited new club representatives to come up, introduce themselves, and to talk to him after the meeting.  Club Reps responsibility is to talk to their teams.  Barry stated he contacts the club reps when there are issues that he would like input on how to handle.   Barry implored them to work with their teams so he and the Club Reps can come up with some type of resolution.  Reminder that protests are only granted when the law violations was one that would affect the outcome of the game.  Barry suggested the Club Reps go on line and look over past hearing.


NCSL Administrator:  Kathleen Sessions – Announced schedules are up – she knows this because she already gotten a complaint from a U10 team. Package for fall registration are ready for picked up after the meeting tonight.


Secretary:  no report



Anne Maynes – The budget is the same as last year.  There will be no increase in fees.   Anne made a motion to approve the budget.  Maureen Dalbec - McLean, second the motion.   The budget is reviewed every year by the accounting firm - After some discussion, the motion was postponed until the May meeting.  Anne will send a copy of the proposed Budget to all Club Reps.



Vice President

Claire Filemyr – NCSL teams changing Clubs happen quite often.  Following update to the Rules & Procedures manual will assist in meeting the required deadlines for teams transferring to a different club.

Teams Transferring Clubs Between Seasons.

The following documents must be submitted by the gaining club representative to the NCSL State Commissioner 7 days prior to the field form submission due date for the next season:

1. Letter/e-mail from losing club acknowledging that the team is leaving their club and a statement that the team is in good standing, or stating specific financial and/or disciplinary issues with the team either at the club or league level. This document must be signed by the club President and club NCSL Representative.

2. Letter/e-mail from gaining club stating that the team has been accepted by the gaining club; gaining club states that they will have sufficient fields and if appropriate, referees.  This document must be signed by the club President and club NCSL Representative.

3. Team roster from end of most recent season

4. Letter/statement signed by majority of families from roster in #3 expressing their intent and agreement to move team to gaining club and be part of that team.


In order for a team to transfer clubs and play the next season, the team must be submitted for league play by the posted due date.  Therefore, if the transfer is not approved prior to team entries and fees due date, the receiving club needs to be sure the losing club has submitted the team for league play and arrangements have been made to compensate the losing club for league payments made.


NCSL President

Ray Greenberg – Ted Hermeling is chair of the nominating committee.  The office of Vice President and Treasurer are up for election.  Anyone interested in nominating a candidate, please contact Ted at  The nominations will close on May 15, 2011, and elections will be conducted at the AGM of the Board of Directors on June 20, 2011.


New Business


Five clubs have submitted applications to join the NCSL.  The clubs who have submitted applications are as follows: Premier AC, Old Dominion Football Club, Davidsonville, Pachuca, and ES Academy.


There was an issue with a PWSI team.  There was an over aged player 14 years old that played on a U12 team.  The team forfeited all their fall season games, suspended from spring play, and the Head Coach was suspended.

PWSI has appealed the decision.  Barry Finkelstein will have a chance to respond to the appeal.


Maureen Dalbec made motion to adjourn the meeting.   Lisa Wilson seconds the motion.

Meeting was adjourned at 8PM


Next meeting May 2, 2011