NCSL Board meeting minutes

Westin – Falls Church

Nov 14, 2011


Ray Greenberg called the NCSL Board meeting to order at 7:30 PM. 


Roll call indicated the following Clubs not in attendance: Annandale, Calverton, Crofton, Fredericksburg Hotspurs, FC Frederick, LaPlata, Lee Mt. Vernon, Team America Football, Virginia Blackwatch, and Virginia Independent (VISTA).   Annandale, Calverton & Crofton have missed two meetings in succession.


August 25, 2011 board minutes were approved with the correction of the Motion to increase the number of players from 2 to unlimited when using a club pass. Minutes approved by unanimous consent.


State Commissioners

Claire Filemyr – PCA meeting dates are as follows: DOUBLE GOAL I - Monday, March 19, 7PM and
DOUBLE GOAL II - Thursday, March 22, 7PM. 
Please be sure you coaches are certified, if they are not they must attend a workshop for certification.


The New Administrator meeting date is Monday, March 19, 7PM. This meeting is mandatory for all NEW teams. (Teams, who have missed two seasons of play, are considered NEW team)

Please remind your teams a person can only represent one team. This meeting is very informative and would be very helpful as a refresher for those who have been managers for several years. This meeting is also recommended for managers who have recently taken on the position though the team has been in the NCSL for many seasons.



Maryland – no report

Virginia – no report


Rules & Discipline Committee

 Barry Finkelstein– fall decisions for hearings will be sent out to club reps to review and correct.   Please do so before we post the list on the website.

This fall season 2,584 games were played.   R&D formally considered 21 items brought to their attention. (2 protest, 1 disciplinary hearing and 18 items that were handled by the Clubs which NCSL R&D embraced.


Barry also observed 25 games during the fall season in Virginia & in Maryland. One thing he noticed was the lack of TSL’s on the sidelines. He contacted club reps to let them know of the situation.   Mentioned again the importance of TSLs.   


Online system – is a success.   Only 20 reports have not been reported on line for the fall season.

One difficulty many teams have not put their rosters on their NCSL team page. Teams in real time can look up their team info and verify if any cards given to their players or coach. The rosters would assist the referees in filling in the reports on the online system. The teams can verify the correct player has been indicated.    Errors can be cleared up quicker with the entry of the roster.

Ray asked if anyone had an objection to making the entry of the team rosters mandatory for U12 and older teams beginning spring 2012 season. There was no disagreement with this request. 




Kathleen Sessions - WE DID IT – got the games in with all the rain this season. Thanks to all for their cooperation in getting, the games rescheduled.


Packets for spring entry will be handed out after the meeting. Those Clubs who had coaches owing fines for PCA and new teams who missed the mandatory New Admin meeting while notice this fines have been added to your fee forms.


Trophies have not been ordered for U12 and older winning and second place teams; they will be ordered tomorrow – takes 10 days – shipped directly to the winning team – if the manager & Coach have not entered their addresses on the NCSL website, the trophies will be shipped to the Club Rep.  



Gina Clapp – no report



Anne Maynes - Accounting firm reviews our records, if anyone is interested in seeing the report, contact Kathleen and we will send you a copy.


Vice President

Richard Smith – no report



Ray Greenberg – all future meetings have been scheduled here at the Falls Church Westin – negotiated a very good rate – did this because of the inadequate parking at George Mason High School.


Thanked Kathleen for the great job she did with handling all the rescheduling due to the rainy fall season. Only one game was not played out of the 2600 games scheduled this fall.


Ray asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mike Basileo made the motion, Richard Smith second.


Meeting adjourned at 8 PM.