NCSL Board meeting minutes

Westin – Falls Church

May 14, 2012

Ray Greenberg called the NCSL Board meeting to order at 7:30 PM. 

Roll call indicated the following Clubs not in attendance:  Annandale, Chantilly Youth, Cugini, Damascus, Davidsonville, Fauquier, Fairfax, Fort Washington, Loudoun, Potomac, Southwestern Youth, Team America Football Club, Thunder, Virginia Soccer Assoc., and Westminster Wolves.

March 22, 2012 board minutes were approved by unanimous consent.

State Commissioners

Maryland - Claire Filemyr - 100% of NCSL coaches are now certified.  Those coaches who received fines for the spring season must submit payment before the fall season.  PCA dates are on the website but not confirmed with PCA.

Virginia – Maureen Dalbec – No report



Maryland- Mike Basileo – not in attendance

Virginia –Lisa Wilson - Club registration 2012-2013 will be live on June 1st.  Everyone must do their kid safe first, then your clubs and your teams.  There are new 2012-2013 player passes.   Please discard any previous blank player pass forms in your possession they cannot be used for the 2012-13.  The changes to the passes are as follows: signatures on the cards for players and officials are no longer required, all information will print on the front of the player pass – nothing on the back of the player passes only USYSA logos are on the back, you will be able to print eight player cards per sheet, will be labeled member pass, Club identification is on the front.


Rules & Discipline Committee

Barry Finkelstein– Only 4 teams had not put the names and numbers of their players on the NCSL team pages on the website.  They were all assessed a $50.00 fine. 

After witnessing several incidents over the weekend, I ask that you please remind your teams that this is youth soccer.

Online games reports – 85% of the refs are filing the reports and after a reminder are sent out that increases to 93%.



Kathleen Sessions – game packets are ready for pick up after tonight’s meeting. 

Entry materials are here except for the electronic fee form. 


Gina Clapp – no report


Anne Maynes – no report

Vice President

Richard Smith – no report

President – Ray Greenberg -

PWSI Appeal of R&D Decision

I received an appeal filed by PWSI of a U13 match that was abandon in the first half due to a serious injury to an opponent player which resulted in the player being removed from the field in a stretcher and taken to the hospital. R&D Committee ruled that the game should be replayed. PWSI appealed the R&D decision was based on 3 alleged errors in the process, procedures and precedent.

I convened an Appeals Committee to review the appeal. The Appeals Committee determined that the R&D Committee in reaching its decision made no errors in process, procedure or precedent.  The unanimous decision of the NCSL Appeals Committee was to deny the appeal and uphold the R&D decision.

Status of Survey results

The NCSL Executive Committee reviewed the survey result at its last Executive Committee meeting. While the responses were not overwhelming and some suggestions contradicted other suggestions, the results were summarized into 7 items. Each item was assigned to an Executive Committee member to develop either a motion for consideration or a position paper for discussion.

  • Club passes for all age groups- Dave Shannon, FRED. Dave has developed a motion. The NCSL Executive Committee will discuss at our next meeting and the motion should be presented at the June board meeting.
  • U9/ U10 issues- limit travel, block scheduling, etc- Dave Shannon, FRED
  • Structure concerns- Ted Hermeling, CHAN
  • Number of teams/club- Maureen Dalbec, MCLN/ARL
  • Scheduling/rescheduling- more flexibility- Richard Smith, VP/ALEX
  • Membership- Howard Kohn, TAPK
  • Team movement/player movement- Claire Filemyr, MD Commissioner


Stipend for teams going to Presidents Cup

The league has 4 VA and 4 MD teams going to the Region I tournament. NCSL will provide a $500 stipend to each team.


As everyone knows or might know, I was elected MSYSA President last June. This job has been much more time consuming then I envisioned. So after 21 years with the league, the last 8 years as President, I am not seeking reelection at the June AGM.

I have seen significant changes, growth, and improvements to the league during my tenure. There are few in the room that remembers the days before we had the NCSL web site and before we used e-mail to communicate. NCSL handed out paper copies of schedules and snail mailed all schedule changes to the teams.

I really enjoyed my years with the NCSL and will miss the regular contact with all the friends I made. I will remain a friend of the league and will be able to make the transition to a new president as smooth as possible.

New business – Motion was made VISTA to increase the roster size for U14 & U15. The effect of this would be that all U14 & U15 teams could now roster 22 players on their league roster, but still must name an 18 man roster for game day.

Just as an informational statement, right now the MD State Cup rosters are already at a 22 man roster for U14 – U19’s, so this will just bring all rosters in line with one another.

The motion was second by Takoma Park.  Motion approved.

Howard Kohn reminded everyone that the notice is up on the NCSL website for nominations for the upcoming election.  The offices of President and Secretary are up for reelection.  Please contact Howard if you have a nomination or are interested in submitting your name as a nomination.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.