NCSL Board Meeting

November 13, 2012

Westin – Falls Church, VA


Meeting called to order at 7:45PM.

Roll call indicated the following clubs were absent: Annandale, Burke, Chantilly Youth, Davidsonville, Fredericksburg Hotspurs, La Plata, Potomac, SAC, Southwestern Youth, Team America Football Club, Thunder and Westminster Wolves.

Lisa Wilson made a motion to approve the NCSL board minutes for June and August, 2012. Claire Filemyr seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


NCSL Commissioners:

Maryland - Claire Filemyr –PCA classes for the spring are posted on the NCSL Website and ready for those who want to register for the workshops.  The NCSL only interest is to have all our coaches PCA Certified, we want you to attend the meetings not collect the fines for not attending.


Virginia - Maureen Dalbec – No report



Rules & Discipline

Barry Finkelstein – Once again this season attended about 20 games.  For the vast majority of the games attended, officiating was reasonable.


The NCSL has 400 teams U12 and above age groups.  Please be aware the rosters from the fall season should automatically roll over for the spring season.


Sit out cards will no longer have postage on them.  If you want to mail,  you will have to pay the postage.  The new procedure is to scan the sit out card and email it to R&D.


The list of incidents for the season is being worked on and just about completed.  There are usually 20 incidents on the list but this season there are 35 incidents.    The increase in number is due to parent issues.  


The R&D committee will go through the second set of sit outs to verify those owing a sit out have done so.


NCSL Administrator

Kathleen Sessions – trophies for the Fall season are on their way. 

I have sent you by email the instructions on how to enter the team rosters.  You can also find the team roster instructions filed under club rep documents.  If you see any errors please let Kathleen know so she can be sure it gets corrected.


Club Reps – paperwork that is handed out to you tonight – please fill in all the forms even if it has not changed.


Also want to comment though Barry has already spoken about the sit out form online.  By scanning and sending in email it will speed up the process.  Do not use the old form any longer.


The team applications forms are online and ready for you to fill out and turn in at the next board meeting.


NCSL Secretary – Gina Clapp – No Report


NCSL Treasurer – Anne M – No Report


NCSL President - Richard Smith – As my first season as President I tried to make it a priority to set a tone that as a club rep you would want a more understanding and more flexible league.  I am eager to hear from anyone who has thoughts on how we can improve on what we are doing as league.  I have reached out to club reps, presidents and DOC – for suggestions. 


I am sure you have seen we have paid a lot of attention about fines owed.  The Club reps have approved and passed these rules and they are being enforced.   You as Club Reps should look at these policies and decide what you want. 


Inputting the names on the team page roster, if a team doesn’t put in their team roster,  our R&D Administrator Dottie must enter the players names, she is paid hourly. 


PCA – we don’t have to do PCA but believe if we don’t we are going in the wrong direction.


New Team Administrators meeting, believe there was a misconception on the definition of a new team.  If a team does not play two seasons in the NCSL it is consider a new team. 


Structure season – EC meeting is coming up soon – talk to your teams now, encourage your teams to provide the information for structure.  Forms for High School structure are filed electronically – they can fill out.  Club reps we need you to encourage your team managers to fill out and submit the paperwork for high school teams.


Finally – near and dear to my heart – how do we limit the travel for U9 and U10 – trying to keep you close to home.

Trying to get all those teams together and not play your own team.  Would like to hear ideas from you, you know our teams you know your fields. 


Kathleen will email you the fee forms tomorrow.  Vince has revised the forms are great any questions contact Kathleen.


Motion to adjourn made by Lisa Wilson and second by Maureen Dalbec.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:30.


Next meeting – Monday January 6, 2013 – 7:30 PM – Westin Hotel – Falls Church, VA.