NCSL Meeting Minutes

 Aug 23, 2013

Westin Hotel – Falls Church VA


Meeting was called to order at  8:15


Roll call indicated the following teams were not in attendance: Calvert, Damascus, Fairfax, Loudoun, Leesburg, Southwestern Youth, Team America Football, and Woodbridge.


Prior Meeting minutes were approved unanimously.


Claire Md. Commissioner

PCA certification workshop is  going on next door.  Deadline to for PCA submission is Sept 4th – anything after that date involves fees and fines. (still 3 courses available) 


Maureen – VA Commissioner

Just a review of some game day preparations, home team should contact the opposing team via email or phone call as a courtesy to verify they have proper directions or questions.

Most important please instruction your managers to enter their team rosters for the U12 – U19 players on the NCSL team page. 


Maryland Registrar – Mike Basileo – Maryland system is up and running.


Lisa registrar

VA – nothing to report – system has been up for awhile – seems to be working well.  Player passes are available; they are for the VA teams only.). 


Remember the U9 and U10 Club Pass they must be registered as a travel teams.  If they are rec only or not registered at all they cannot use the club pass. 


R&D - Barry Finkelstein – sit out list has been posted for awhile – multiple emails were sent to the club before the list was posted.  Check your club on the sit out list – new folks coming from another club check the list in case they are listed on there.


U12 or older - names and numbers must be posted on the rosters from on the NCSL team pages.


When registering the teams the contact information was left blank or bogus contact info was entered.  Please go in and correct or add this information.  NCSL needs this information so we can get important league information out to the teams. 


Treasurer-Anne Maynes – no report – Treasurer absent.


Gina Clapp – Secretary – Those teams who did not send a representative to the mandatory team administrator meeting held this past Monday will be receiving an email which will inform the team of the fine for non attendance.


Kathleen – tonight or tomorrow morning an excel sheet going out with team schedules.  Review and use the form that she has attached to your emails for rescheduling that your teams may need to request.  Fall packets will go out tonight.  You can go in and change the team names – please remove NEW or Wait List  from the team names .


Richard Smith – thanked the club reps for their efforts in getting message out to the new teams that needed to attend the team meeting.

Any suggestions on how to improve let us know. 


Flex scheduling – narrow window when we open the schedule to you to change after you have gotten an agreement from the opposing team.  Will run through the August 27th 10PM.   Met with the WAGS President to let her know we opened up flex scheduling again.  She reported they have no problem with us doing this that their club reps said it was a good program glad to hear we are continuing it.  This information is for NCSL purposes only. 


Schedules will get them out as soon as she can.  What’s causing the delay trying to pair your two teams together, haven’t been able to figure out if you have three teams.    This exist only at the U9 and U10 level. 


VYSA board meeting last night – two things building a soccerplex in Fredericksburg self sustainable –

Hold other events there – looking for an executive director – end result is going to increase the player fee in two years you will see a $1 increase.  Implemented the authority that was passed by members several years ago.


Ref grades are changing -  the grade 12 level will be dropped from the system.  This will effect the STARS program.  We need to see that there are enough refs to cover the games and also not placing any extra burden on our U12 parents.


Motion delayed until.


Motion to adjourn 8:15PM Lisa Maureen