NCSL  Board Meeting

June 17, 2013


The NCSL meeting was called to order after the AGM.


Minutes were approved.


A motion was made by Arundel Soccer Association to make the following changes to current NCSL procedures:

i.                     Increase per club maximum number of teams from 2 to 3 in U9-U12 age groups;

ii.                   Delay disqualification from NCSL until Spring U13 (currently U11)

iii.                 Allow teams to enter from the wait list until the total number of teams in an age group reaches 80 (currently 60)

Motion is seconded by Alexandria Soccer Association.


After much discussion an amendment was offered to add an effective date.  The amendment is that clubs will be allowed to add a 3rd team this season with a deadline of Thursday, June 20.

Amendment passes.

Motion passes.  No one requested a roll call vote.



VA Commissioner-Maureen Dalbec-no report.


MD Commissioner-Claire Filemyr-Please make sure your coaches are registered for PCA.  All submissions of information for structure are to be made online, deadline of July 5.


State Registrar-MD-Mike Basileo-MD registration system will change little.  There are a few changes, clubs asked for the ability to print club passes for rec players, this will be controlled at the club level.


State Registrar-Lisa Wilson-A rec card pass cannot be used to play on an NCSL team, must have a travel pass.  VA registration system is not ready yet.  It will change drastically.  The system is all online and teams will still need to input all their players.  If the players are previously in the system, the proof of birth has been checked and they do not need to submit it again.   If they are new to the system, proof of birth will be scanned into the system.   Once team is built, they will push and button to submit team and an email will go to the club rep that they are finished and need to be checked.  After club rep checks, if there are no problems, it goes to the registrar online and they check and then hit a submit button and the team can then print roster and cards.

VA teams that have MD players will have the MD player registered in MD.  Paperwork will have to go to a dual registrar to finalize registration.


R&D-Barry Finkelstein-Online reporting by the referees is working well.  More than 90% are in Sunday and by Monday midday it is 94 or 95 %,  Spring decisions have been resolved.  In next day or so will focus on sit-outs owed and red cards given at last game of the season.


NCSL Administrator-Kathleen Sessions-Teams entries are due tonight.  By the weekend we should  know about the wait list.  If you add any additional 3rd teams get the team name and information to Kathleen as soon as possible.

Trophies were ordered Wednesday.  Should be delivered by UPS in about a week.


President’s Report-On August 19 we have our new team meeting.  It must be attended by a unique person for each team.  If the manager can’t make it, someone else must come.  Each person can only represent one team.

August 22 is the next BOD meeting.

July 5, everything is due.

Meeting is adjourned.