NCSL Board Meeting

March 21, 2013

Westin-Falls Church, Virginia

President Richard Smith called the meeting to order at 7:30PM.

According to the roll call, the following clubs were not in attendance: Potomac.

Minutes from the January 7th meeting were approved.

State Commissioners

Virginia-Maureen Dalbec-You will receive a packet of game materials.  Please remind your coaches that the TSL is important.  The manager should introduce the TSL to the referee.  The TSL should wear the identifying badge.

Maryland-Claire Filemyr-Tonight is the last night for the NCSL PCA courses.  By April 3 coaches must be certified.  There is a MSC workshop on April 4.


Maryland-Mike Basileo-no report.

Virginia-Lisa Wilson- absent, no report.

R&D Report-Barry Finkelstein-I would like to meet with new club reps after this meeting.  The sitout list has been posted.  Make sure you check that list.  Need rosters updated for teams.  Document your sit outs.  Do not mail anything, but hold onto the card, that is your backup.  Coaches do have to submit sit out cards.

Administrator-Kathleen Sessions- To get to your team pages, make sure you are using the Spring 2013 links rather than the Fall 2012.  IF you still have a problem, delete your book marks and set up new ones.  After  that, you can contact Kathleen about the problem.  The scorekeepers are listed at the bottom of the page, you must scroll all the way to the bottom.  We have no business reply mail anymore, all mail must have a stamp.

President’s Report-Richard Smith-In the most recent Va legislature session, there were two bills that affected soccer.  There was a bill about concussions that failed narrowly.  Clubs need to have a concussion policy.

The second bill was about  making moveable goals illegal.  It passed but is not in effect this year.  It will need to be passed again next year .  It would make it illegal to sell moveable goals.  You need to inform everyone in your club about goal safety.  VYSA has a goal safety pamphlet.

Treasurer-Anne Maynes-You should have received 3 papers on the budget.  One explains how I arrive at the team fees, the second shows out expenses for ½ our year and the third is the budget for 2013-2014.  I do not propose any increases in team fees for the new budget.  Budget passes.

New Club-Howard kohn-Woodbridge Soccer Club has applied for membership in the NCSL.  They are located in Prince William county.  They have approx. 300  players with 13 teams, all in the ODSL at present.   They have the required number of teams, meet field requirements and should be competitive.

Motion passes.

President-Richard Smith explained a new flex scheduling plan.  This will be a pilot test for the spring, to be evaluated after the season.

Meeting adjourned at 8:51PM.