NCSL Board Meeting

The Westin-

May 6, 2013


The NCSL meeting was called to order by Richard Smith at 7:30PM

Roll call indicated the following clubs where not present: Burke, DC Stoddard, Davidsonville, Fauquier, Fort Washington,

Southwestern Youth, Washington Soccer Club, Westminster Wolves.


Minutes were approved by unanimous consent.




Maryland Commissioner:  Claire Filemyr - PCA coaches are all certified – few clubs owe money – you will not be able to get you applications tonight until fines are paid. Fall PCA tentative dates are on the website calendar.


High School age teams submit forms so we have the information to place teams in structure.

HS age forms must be submitted on line.   You can find the forms on the Team welcome page and club rep page.

Over time the U12- U14 age group teams have been submitting the same type of information about their teams via email.  To help the structure committee a form has been created for them to submit the information they feel is of significance to place the teams in structure.  The U12-U14 team information sheet must be submitted online, the form will not be accepted any other way.  This form can be found on the team welcome page and the club rep page. -  will only accept things submitted online.


Virginia Commissioner:  Maureen Dalbec - Nothing to report


State Registrar – Maryland - Mike Basilio - no report


State Registrar – Virginia - Lisa Wilson – not present.

Richard Smith reported for Lisa – VYSA board approved to make a plan to submit online registration of teams electronically.


NCSL Administrator - Kathleen Sessions – packets will be available for pickup after the meeting is adjourned tonight – all entry forms are there – please fill out the forms and submit


I will be emailing you your fee forms – click on the correct state tab at the bottom –Please be sure you click the correct button.   Forms are due back at the June 17th board meeting.


Secretary – Gina Clapp - No report


Treasure r – Anne Maynes – No report


R&D – Barry Finkelstein - We are four weeks into the season (1500 games played) only 4 weeks to go to complete the season.  There have been some issues with reporting player sit-outs.   It is helpful to fill out the roster online; it will help with sorting out the sit-out cards.


Watched about 10 games this season.  Went to watch a few refs who seem to issue a high number of cards.


President – Richard Smith report – NCSL AG Meeting is scheduled for June 16th elect new officers – vacant position VP - Please notify Howard Kohn if anyone is interested in running for VP or Treasurer.


Both Virginia & MD AG Meetings are scheduled on June15th, 2013, Virginia at 10 a.m. and Maryland at Noon.

Two NCSL affiliates are running for the MSYSA President – Ray Greenberg former President of NCSL and Bob Deegan President and Club Rep for Freestate.  For those Maryland Club reps interested, Bob will stay after the NCSL meeting is adjourned if anyone has any questions for him.

New Business:

Howard Kohn presented three new club applications for approval.  All three clubs are eligible for membership but you the club reps must vote to approve their entry into the league.


Bayshore Soccer Club – The club is located on Kent Island, just across the Bay Bridge in Maryland. The club previously was admitted into NCSL, but all the teams were quickly relegated. Bayshore is seeking readmission, after going through a change in management. Under the old structure their teams were primarily parent-coached. Currently the club has a paid technical director and five licensed, professional coaches.


Bayshore is submitting five teams.  Four play in BBSL at current ages U14, U15 and U17 (two).  One of the U17 teams is at top of the age group in BBSL. The fifth team will be U10 in the fall.


The club has access to five bermuda-grass fields in excellent condition that will be new to NCSL.  They were financed by a previous president of the club.


Howard Kohn made a motion to accept Bayshore in the NCSL. Motion was second by Freestate.  Roll call vote was requested - Motion approved.


Leesburg Football Club 

The club is located in Leesburg and is applying for the first time, but three Leesburg teams are already playing in NCSL through VISTA.  Those three teams are current U11, U14 and U15.  In addition, Leesburg is submitting three teams now playing in ODSL -- a current U11 and two current U13s.


Their home games will be at the Leesburg FC Complex, formerly the KM Oak fields, or Morvan Park -- both located in Leesburg.


Howard Kohn made a motion to accept Leesburg in the NCSL.  Gina Clapp second the motion.  Roll call vote was called. Motion passed.


Premier Athletic Club (PAC)

 PAC is located in Fairfax County and applying for the third time, having been rejected the first two times.  PAC also has teams in NCSL through VISTA but is submitting only one of those teams -- a current U19, which will reform with underage players and play U19 again in the fall. The other six teams submitted by PAC are in ODSL at current U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 and U14 ages.  All appear to be playing at a level competitive enough for NCSL.


The PAC home fields are bermuda-grass full-size field at Shrevewood ES, a full-size turf field at Ossian Hall, a small-sided grass field at Timber Lane ES and a full-size grass field at Luther Jackson Middle.  Howard Kohn made a motion to accept PAC into the NCSL.  Freestate second the motion.  Motion passed.


Richard Smith – President -      

Richard informed the board that he has been in discussions with DC United concerning the potential for DC United pre-academy teams to participate in NCSL at the U12 and U13 levels.  The concept would be for the DC United teams to be fully registered as US Youth Soccer teams with age-appropriate rosters, and for DC United to be admitted as an official NCSL club.  A general discussion followed.


Meeting adjourned – at 8:45 pm.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Gina Clapp – NCSL Secretary