The meeting was called to order at 7:30PM.


Roll call shows a quorum.  Clubs not present:  Baltimore Bays, Calvert and Damascus.


Ray Greenberg-R&D- We had an outstanding season with the fewest number of terminated games and game problems.  The R&D Committee assessed a total of $900. in fines.  There were 3 terminated games, 1 game declared a forfeit, 1 game declared a nongame, and 1 game in which the committee let the score as determined on the field stand.  Nine protests were received, 3 were denied, 3 were granted, 2 were withdrawn and did not go to a hearing, and 1 was rejected as frivolous and not heard.

There were 2 hearings on inappropriate behavior- 1 resulted in a 2 game suspension for the coach and 1 resulted in a 6 game suspension for the coach.  One NCSL player was reported to MSYSA and suspended for referee assault.


Roger Ney-Treasurer- The budget has been previously approved.  There will be some adjustments for the additional state fees.


John Ellis-Player Development- Within clubs, you should spend time for plans over the year for coach training. There are lots of courses over the summer.  Most coaches can attend them now.  Plan seasons, team training and preparations and lay out your plans for the year.  If you need any guidance, John will be glad to help.  His phone number is in the book.


Mike Basileo-Maryland Registrar-Little has changed but the registration website has been updated.  The players rights and obligations form has changed and there have been some fees changes to go along with national increases.  Some registrars have changed, the new names and contacts information will be posted later.  You will not need them until August.  Packets have information.  League will invoice you for additional fees.


Lisa Wilson-Virginia Registrar- Rosterpro is on-line and working.  There is information in your packets to help with the new team numbering system.  There is also a checklist for each club rep, please check each packet and make sure it is complete.  July 1 is the earliest for you to submit rosters, you will not get them back until August 1.  Registrars have a difficult job, please try to get it right the first time.  Do all you can to help them.


New Business:

Motion on code of conduct:

All teams must accept the NCSL Leader, Player, and Parent Codes of Conduct found in the appendix.

Each team must complete the combined Codes of Conduct signature acceptance page included in the appendix.  Each team official, player, and each players parent/guardian must read their Code of Conduct and sign the acceptance page.  It is recommended that signing of all codes of conduct take place in conjunction with the preseason team meeting and that the codes of conduct be used as a basis for a discussion of sportsmanship and fair play.

Each team is required to submit a copy of the Code of Conduct acceptance page along with their roster to the registrar when submitting their new official roster for approval prior to the start of the fall season.  If a new team official or player joins the team during the year, the team must have each new official, or new player, and the players parent/guardian read their Code of conduct and sign the acceptance page.  The signed acceptance page must be submitted with each addition to the teams official roster.

Each team is required to provide a copy of the Code of Conduct acceptance page to their club representative.

Motion made by VISTA.

Seconded by Mid-County.

Amendment by Washington Soccer Club:

Distribute the parent Code of Contact in 2 languages, Spanish and English.

Amendment passes.

Amendment by Fort Washington.

Change 3rd paragraph to:

Each team is required to submit a copy of the Code of Conduct acceptance page to their club representative prior to the start of fall season along with their proposed roster.

Amendment passes.

Motion defeated.

Calendar conflict in the last meeting in November.

Motion: To change the date of the November meeting to Thursday, November 18.

Motion made by Stafford, seconded by Springfield.

Motion passes.


To accept Westminster Wolves Soccer Club for membership in the NCSL.

Motion made by Olney.

Motion passes.


Ray Greenberg-Vice-President-  I want to thank Roger Ney and Jeff Skigan for their long service to the NCSL.  He presented both of them with plaques thanking them for their work.


Jeff Skigan-President- Thanks to Roger Ney, our step-in-Ars, non-results oriented, small-sided play are all due to Roger.  Thanks to Kathleen for all that you do.  And thanks to Lauretta Skigan for all your support.


Meeting adjourned at 8:52PM.