NCSL BOD Meeting Minutes 11-7-16

NCSL Board Meeting

November 7, 2016

Westin Hotel



The meeting was called to order at 7:36PM.


Roll call indicated that the following clubs were not in attendance: Burke, Capital Futbol, Chantilly Soccer Club, Cugini, Culpepper, Fauquier, Freedom, Great Falls, Lee-Mt. Vernon, Leesburg, MD Rush Bowie, Maryland United, Pasedena, Southwestern, and Warrington.


A motion was made to approve the minutes of the August meeting.  Motion seconded and approved.



Maureen Dalbec-VA Commissioner.  Tonight you will get registration materials.  Pleas work with coaches and technical directors so that you can give us input on your teams for structure.  If you feel they are not in the right division, please let us know.  There are separate forms for the U12-U14 and for the high school age.


Kathleen Sessions-NCSL Administrator.  Trophies were ordered this week.  We still have some games to play and are still missing some scores.  The trophies take about 10 days and will go to the managers of the teams  by UPS shipping.  They cannot be delivered to a PO Box.

Entry materials are given out tonight, except for the fee form which will be emailed tomorrow.


Eric Popiel-Vice-President.

PCA Program

  • This is a good program that NCSL has been partnered with for a long time.
  • This past season, the NCSL executive committee made the decision to suspend the program largely due to the age group transition and the merger with WAGS. This allowed one thing to be taken off everyone’s plate and facilitate  smoother transition.
  • NCSL is still a member in good standing with PCA.
  • As of today, we do have the ability to sponsor workshops.
  • Currently working with 2 clubs to sponsor workshops; in talks with a large MD club to sponsor an additional one. NCSL can help defray some of the cost with these workshops.
  • If there is interest, NCSL can sponsor a workshop similar to what was done in the past.


New Team Administration Meeting

  • There are very few ways to get fined in this league.
  • The league understood that there would be a large number of new teams this season
  • The league reached out to club reps and asked them to  identify the new teams.
  • There were Several iterations of this with the goal of identifying all new teams and speedily informing them of their responsibility to attend.
  • Two ‘new team’ meetings were held. After the first one, Kathleen sent out the list of teams still needing to attend
  • After all of that work, some teams didn't appear.
  • Some club reps reached out and explained the situation. The league was happy to work with those teams.
  • The teams that did not attend owe the fine and it must be paid before registration.



  • U12 and U13 must have 2. They must be over 18 and certified.
  • They do not have to be associated with the team, they can be club personnel but they must be identified and willing to act as STARs
  • Those teams that did not have STARs must pay the fine before ANY teams are registered from your club.


Jersey Number Fines

  • Those who did not put their rosters and jersey numbers on their team page must pay the fine before any club teams are registered.
  • For those that entered them incorrectly or attempted to circumvent the system could face severe sanctions
  • Referee has to know the player numbers to properly assign cards
  • Not having an up to dater roster puts the referee in a bad position and could lead to coach and team sanctions.