NCSL BOD Meeting Minutes - 3-20-14

NCSL Board meeting Minutes

March 20, 2014

Westin – Falls Church

Meeting was called to order by the NCSL President Richard Smith – 7:30PM

Roll call indicated the following clubs were not in attendance:  Barca FC, Capital FC, A3,  LaPlata, Md. Rush (Bowie), Olney, SAC, VSA, Waldorf, Washington, and Woodbridge.

Claire Filemyr – Maryland Commissioner -  The PCA New Double goal I workshop has been rescheduled to the 3/31.  There are 42 coaches next door attending the PCA Double goal II workshop.  April 2 is the deadline, all coaches must be certified.

Maureen Dalbec – Virginia Commissioner – no report

Mike Basileo – Md Registrar – registration will be totally online.

Lisa Wilson – VA Registrar – absent

R&D Committee Chairman – Richard announced the newly appointed R&D Committee Chairman Alan Paez .  Alan is a  license coach and certified referee.  In his real life he is a  judge.   He will continue to try to address issues with the club reps.  When a resolution can not be reached he will call a hearing.  Welcome Alan.

R&D report –  please check the sit-out list – to be sure those in your club have served their sit outs.  Be sure to scan and email the sit-out cards to Alan or Dottie.

STARS u12 & u13 – be sure after they get  their training the STARS are  listed on their team pages.

Another very important step for all teams  is to be sure the players names and jersey #'s have been listed on the team page.  This is a must so the referees will be sure to report red and yellow cards accurately.                                                            

Club reps please work with Alan and consider his suggestions to make a quick resolution.

STARS at U13 are probably not current at this time, they need to re certified.  Check their badge and be sure it says 2014.

Anne  Maynes – Treasurer – Handed out 3 pages of the budget proposal. This information helps explain how she arrived with the numbers.  The numbers do not support a  raise in the fees for the next coming season..

NCSL m major costs are referee fees and the cost to purchase team trophies. 

Need a motion to except the Proposed budget – Motion was made by Howard Kohn and second by Maureen Dalbec. Motion carries.

Gina Clapp – Secretary -  The New team administrator meeting was canceled due to the weather.  The meeting will not be rescheduled for the spring season.  When you pick up your packets tonight you can pick up the binders we would have given out at the meeting.  The slide presentation is copied and included in the binder.

Kathleen Sessions – Administrator -  Richard will talk about the flex scheduling,  All teams have 4 home games except one club.  That club has only 3 home games, due to insufficient fields or the time periods submitted on the permits. 

There have been multiple last minute drops from the league.  Dave Shannon was able to work out schedule so all teams have the correct number of games to be played.

Kathleen did her best in address team conflicts, if they have not been addressed there is nothing else she can do.  

Please remember to pick up your packets and don't forget the notebooks for your new team administrators.



Richard Smith - President – Lisa Wilson husband Kevin passed away last week – the funeral was last Friday.                  A memorial fund has been set up by VYSA if anyone is interested.  Please keep Lisa in your thoughts.

I am really excited about the spring schedules.  We have figured out the U9 and U10.  They will play back to back right next to each other, tech directors can go and watch that black of games if they wan to. Club pass (as long as the player plays one NCSL game per day).

U 11 first year you see structure – it’s pull out of the hat.  Will structure off of the results for spring from fall.

Flex scheduling period begins tonight – from now until Tuesday10 AM you can try and convince the other club rep to reschedule.  Be sure to use the form for flex scheduling – both club reps must sign the forms .   Must come in prior to 10AM for rescheduling,  If you are working with the soccerplex you must go through Keith at the soccerplex.  Fields being used must be approved by your field assignors and you must have the permits for those fields.

Thursday March 27 Final schedule is up.

State cup may affect our Sunday games.  The Premier league and colonial league have priority and play on Saturday, so state cup could be rescheduled to Sunday.

Claire Filemyr is in charge of volunteers with the Natl Championship which will be held at Germantown Soccerplex.  The No. 1 need is volunteers. 

DC united sportsmanship teams attended game.   Referees score the teams.

Last on the list – last two meetings were very short, I apologize for that.  We are looking at what we can do to handle short meetings and how we can meet the requirements of our bylaws.

Howard Kohn proposed the motion to update the procedures and guidelines by which new clubs are admitted into the league. Motion second by Maureen Dalbec.

Proposed Motion

Section XIII New Club Application

NCSL encourages strong soccer clubs to submit applications to become member clubs of NCSL. An application for membership in NCSL can be downloaded from the NCSL web site at (posted under Other Important NCSL information) or can be obtained from the League Administrator at National Capital Soccer League, P.O. Box 1519, Manassas, VA 20108-1519.

For an application to be considered, it must be accompanied by a nonrefundable check made payable to NCSL in the amount of $500.00. The deadline to apply for the next Fall season is March 15th and the deadline to apply for the next Spring season is September 15th.

To insure that only competitive and sustainable clubs petition to join the NCSL, all new clubs must meet the following criteria:

    -- A minimum of five Travel teams U10 or older (two must be U13 or older) that have demonstrated a level of play consistent with NCSL. Records documenting their previous play and copies of their official, stamped, state-approved roster must be provided. The rosters are retained in league files and are not made public in any way.

    -- A commitment that at least five teams will enter NCSL upon the club's acceptance. (Exception - if U15-U19 teams are included and are sitting out due to a school conflict the new club will have one additional season to satisfy this requirement, but must identify and document all teams it will enter.) Failure to follow through on this commitment will forfeit the club's membership.

   -- A sufficient number of home game slots on fields of appropriate sizes. Documents must be provided for either ownership or authorized use of at least one field of appropriate size for every four teams participating in league play.  

   -- Sponsorship by at least one current NCSL club that has agreed to send a representative to speak at a Board meeting or provide other public declarations on behalf of the applying club. 

    -- An appropriate code of conduct for players, team officials and spectators.

    -- Records of the club's incorporation, bylaws and affiliation with a state association. 

Once a valid application is received at the league offices, it will be forwarded to the NCSL New Club Admissions Committee (NCAC) and will be reviewed by the committee members. The NCAC will interview key officials of the applying club and may make a site visit. The NCAC will then present its evaluation at a meeting of the Executive Committee, at which time representatives of the applying club will be invited to make a personal appearance to respond to questions of the Executive Committee.

The evaluation will take into account the following factors:

                -- The number of teams that are at the top levels of ODSL, BBSL, OBSL, MSI Classic or similar leagues, or have competed successfully in tournaments against NCSL teams.

                -- The number of age groups in which the club has teams, in order to demonstrate a progression of development and a record of sustainability. Older teams should have made the transition from small-sided play to full-sided while keeping the team identity and a core group of players.

                -- A credible argument that quality players are available to the applying club without engaging in non-productive competition for players with any existing NCSL clubs.

                -- The club's history of developing and retaining players rather than finding players who were trained elsewhere.

-- Home fields within a reasonable driving distance. The NCSL epicenter is approximately at Tysons Corner, and the NCSL geographic boundary is roughly marked by Baltimore, Frederick, Winchester, Fredericksburg and St. Mary's.

-- The number and quality of playing fields, particularly the type of surfaces of fields either owned by the club or permitted to the club in the most recent seasons.

-- A description of the club's program to develop and review coaches.

-- A description of the club's program for player development.

-- The administrative structure of the club, including the full range of club officials and their soccer background as players, coaches, trainers or administrators and any additional background as leaders in civic, recreational or other organizations.

-- A general assessment that key club officials have an understanding of NCSL rules and philosophy.

-- Other unique factors.      

The final evaluation, including input from the Executive Committee, will be presented at a meeting of the NCSL Board of Directors. One representative of the applying club will also be allowed to make a brief presentation. This person will be asked to depart prior to any discussion and vote by the Board.  Subsequently, the club will be notified of the outcome. Clubs not accepted into NCSL will be informed of the general reasons why the candidacy failed. Clubs not accepted into NCSL may apply again but only after the passage of two years.

If accepted, a club may enter as many teams per age group as permitted under the regular rules, except in age groups with a waiting list.  In age groups with a waiting list the club may enter one team. In these age groups, once a team of the new club has been placed in a division by NCSL, the size of that division will be expanded by one team so that no team on the waiting list is disadvantaged. This opportunity is available only for the club's first season.



New clubs that have been accepted will automatically be placed on two years of probation.  At the end of this period the NCAC will conduct a review and recommend to the Board whether the club should be granted full membership, be continued on probation or be dismissed from NCSL. The Board shall make the final decision.              




The criteria to be used in this review will include:

              -- The club's record of adhering to administrative deadlines.

                -- The record of attending Board meetings.

                -- The behavior of players and coaches as reflected in disciplinary points and R&D actions.

                -- The number of forfeits compiled by club teams.

                -- Maintenance of game fields of a sufficient number and quality.

                -- The number of club teams participating in NCSL, not to be fewer than three per seasonal year. (Failure to meet    the required number will result in immediate expulsion.)

Motion passed unanimously.


Good of game:   Club rep shared information about Shawn Kuykendall who passed away in March and wanted a quick public acknowledgment of  Shawn and his impact in our soccer community.  Shawn played in the NCSL and a DC United player.   Asked if we could re tweet what DC united had posted.  Please read and see what Shawn did for our soccer community.

Motion to adjourn. Motion second by Maureen Dalbec.

Meeting adjourned 9:10 PM


Minutes respectfully submitted by Gina Clapp, NCSL Secretary