NCSL BOD Meeting Minutes 5-3-10

NCSL Minutes

Board Meeting - May 3, 2010


Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.


Roll call indicated the following clubs were not in attendance: Arundel, Baltimore Bays, Calvert Soccer Assoc, Calverton, Chantilly Youth, Columbia Soccer Club, Cugini (2nd), Damascus, Fauquier, FC Frederick, Freedom, Great Falls, LaPlata, Lee-Mt. Vernon, and Severna Park. 


Seeing and hearing no objections, Ray Greenberg asked the board to accept the March 25, 2010 minutes.  The board approved the minutes by unanimous consent.



 Maryland – Claire Filemyr – PCA - emails were sent to those who have not paid their fines.  It is the coaches’ responsibility to pay, if they do not, it then is then the Club’s responsibility.  The fine will be added to the club registration if not been paid by the coach.


Virginia - Maureen Dalbec – No report.



Maryland – Mike Basileo – Maryland‘s new registration system is moving along.  Some registrars and club officials have been doing testing.   Maryland will be switching to U S Youth Leagues.  Also reported the Maryland Workshop is coming up on June 15.


Virginia – Lisa Wilson - testing the new database – email coming out to let us know when Kidsafe is ready for use.


R&D – Barry Finkelstein – Ray read Barry’s report – The season has gone very smoothly, gave credit to the Club Reps for working with the R&D Committee and the teams.


Administrator – Kathleen Sessions – fall 2010 packets are here and ready for pick up, please do not forget them.


Secretary –Gina Clapp - announced her candidacy for 2nd Vice President at MSYSA – main duty is ODP – would appreciate club reps going back to their club boards and ask for their support.


VP – Andy Schoka – absent


Treasurer – Anne Maynes – No Report


President – Ray Greenberg – nothing to report -


New business – Takoma Park Soccer Club motion


Takoma Park made motion to modify the current criteria new clubs must meet in order to be eligible to apply for membership in the NCSL.  Lisa Wilson – VISTA – Second the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Current language: “In order to insure that only competitive clubs petition to join the NCSL, all new clubs must have a minimum of five existing teams for which records can be provided (excluding  U9’s and U10’s) documenting their play.  Two of the five teams must be U14 or older.”

The motion is to change the language to the following:  In order to insure that only competitive clubs petition to join the NCSL, all new clubs must have a minimum of five existing teams (excluding U9’s) for which records can be provided documenting their play.”



Good of the game – Howard Kohn announced that nominations are due May 15.  Two incumbents President (Ray Greenberg) &Secretary (Gina Clapp) are running unopposed.


Demosphere Rep’s gave a presentation on how to make Demosphere work better for you the club rep.


Olney Soccer Club made a motion to adjourn.  Motion was second by Lisa Wilson.  Motion approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.