NCSL BOD Meeting Minutes 8-26-2010

August 26, 2010

NCSL Board of Directors Meeting

Michael Hall

Marshall High School



Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM


Roll Call indicted the following clubs were not in attendance:  Arundel, Fairfax, and Maryland Rush.


Seeing and hearing no objections, Ray Greenberg asked the board to accept the June 11, 2010 minutes.  The board approved the minutes by unanimous consent.


NCSL Commissioners:


Claire Filemyr – Maryland – PCA second workshop is being held in the cafeteria as we meet.  Over 100 coaches attended the Monday night meeting and approximately 75 coaches tonight.

Claire will send a link to the uncertified coaches so they can take the course online.  This will involve some monetary fines:  The first time a coach takes the online course, the NCSL additional fee will be $25. The NCSL additional fee

will be $50 each subsequent time a coach takes the online course.


Please distribute the TSL cards to all your teams, the cards are included in your club packets you will pick up this evening.   We asked that you communicate the value of empowering the TSL this will help with R&D issues.


The new team administrator meeting was held this past Monday.  There were a few teams that did not have a representative in attendance,   these teams will be fined for non- attendance.  If a team fails to pay the fine, the club is responsible for payment.   Club teams will not be admitted into the league until all fines have been resolved.    


Maureen Daulbec – Virginia – No report




Mike Basileo – Maryland – learning the new system – one problem clubs are not going back into the system and entering the background check information.  MSYSA Registrars will not approve rosters until info is there.


Lisa Wilson – Virginia – Virginia Club reps player passes on the back table.


Rules & Discipline – Barry Finkelstein reported to Ray 1, 979 cards were given out – 193 red and the remaining 1,786 were yellow cards; this represented a total of 250 sit outs owed for the Spring season.  There were 5 delinquent red card sit-outs for coaches, 27 delinquent red card sit-outs for players, 3 delinquent accumulated points sit-outs for coaches, and 22 delinquent accumulated points sit-outs for players.


The list of owed sit-outs going into the Fall season has been posted on the NCSL website.  Please make sure your teams check the list; if there are any discrepancies please notify Barry to resolve.


Very pleased about the article that was written concerning the Westminster Wolves Soccer Club.  There was a tiebreaker, which went down to the disciplinary points – it came down to one yellow card and his team ended up coming in second.

Administrator – Kathleen Sessions – Schedules and field loading is up on the website.   Kathleen reported 21% of our teams put in coaching conflicts and she was happy to report she has worked out almost a 100% of the conflicts.

There were 489 scheduling requests.


Packets can be picked up at the end of the meeting.  If you short any of the cards, please let her know.



Secretary - Gina Clapp - no report


Treasurer - Anne Maynes - absent – no report


Vice President - Andy Schoka– no report


President - Ray Greenberg – The new online referee reporting system is up, 130 refs have already signed up.   Ref will be able to sign in the NCSL website – enter scores, cards. 


This is the first season and a test, we are aware that not all refs will fill in though we hope they would.  We will have Dottie checking the blue game card against the referee reporting system.


Request teams enter their player’s name and jersey # on the team page of the NCSL website - this information is private.


Lisa Wilson made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Motion was second by Maureen Daulbec.  Motion carried unanimously.


Meeting adjourned.