League Fees

Below are the board approved Fall 2020-Spring 2021 league fees. The league takes the responsibility of addressing the high cost of the "pay to play" model seriously. As a result, our league fees are well below the market when you compare us against other leagues. The cost difference ranges from $200-$850 per year depending on the league after you factor in referee fees.

Age Group Team Fees
(includes referee fees)
U9/2013 $430/team
U10/2012 $430/team
U11/2011 $430/team
U12/2010 $735/team
U13/2009 $770/team
U14/2008 $815/team
U15/2007 $890/team
U16/2006 $890/team
U17/2005 $955/team
U18/2004 Fall $995/team
U19/2003 Fall $995/team
U18/2004 Spring $750/team
U19/2003 Spring $750/team