NCSL Partnership

with the Berhanu Soccer Foundation

The Berhanu Soccer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which provides financial help for boys and girls who love soccer, have talent for the game and who wish to develop their talent to its full potential.

The Fund's financial support is given in the form of grants of at least $500 per season to the qualifying athlete's soccer club/team. After awarding 11 grants to local athletes for the spring 2006 season, they are now accepting applications for Fall 2006 grants, which will be awarded this September. Applications for the Fall 2006 grants are available on the Foundation's web site; just click on the logo to go to their web site.

The Foundation also has embarked on a fund raising effort to local organizations to be able to help more of these deserving athletes. For more information call (703) 837-8371 or write Berhanu Soccer Foundation.

I strongly encourage any of our athletes in need of assistance to vist the Berhanu web site and apply.

Ray Greenberg