NCSL To Form Girls League, Merge With WAGS

League Ready for Play in Fall 2016

April 25, 2016 --  NCSL is excited to announce the formation of a girls-only league, beginning in the Fall 2016.

The new league, which will play under the name NCSL, is the result of a merger between NCSL and the Washington Area Girls Soccer League ("WAGS"), an historic combination that was also announced today.  The merger and new league formation will allow all of the nearly 500 girls' soccer teams currently playing in WAGS to retain the positions they have earned in divisional structure, while removing many of the administrative burdens placed on clubs and volunteers. 

"WAGS is a unique and special league, both in light of its place in history as one of the primary historical supporters of the women's game, and in its current role as the most competitive soccer option for girls to play locally," said Richard Smith, NCSL President.  "This is the league of Mia Hamm, the league of Ali Krieger, and the league of thousands of other girls who share their dreams.  We look forward to continuing the legacy of the WAGS founders and to reenergizing this important fixture in American soccer."

For more information, please contact your NCSL Club Representative, or follow the link below.

NCSL - WAGS Merger