Carry-Over Suspensions

Carryover lists reflect only suspensions that have carried over to the beginning of the current season and will not be updated throughout the season to reflect new suspensions, or suspensions that are properly served.

The reasons a coach, player or spectator is on the list are:

  1. either they received a red card or earned 20 accumulated points in the last game of the season.
  2. they received a red cad or earned 20 accumulated points during the season, had the opportunity to serve the sit-out in the next regularly scheduled match, and failed to serve and/or provide the league with verification that the sit-out was served.
  3. assigned disciplinary suspensions by the R&D Committee.

The most common question the R&D Committee receives is that “my coach did not get any cards all season, why is he on the list”. The R&D Committee assess disciplinary sit-outs to any coach if he/she fails to sit their player for receiving a red card or accumulated points.

Match sit-outs must be served consecutively starting with the first match actually played in Fall 2018. Please note: Suspensions follow the individual, not the club or team. Players or team officials who change their team affiliation still owe sit-outs regardless of their current team affiliation.

Managers and Coaches are reminded that tracking NCSL cards and accumulated points operates on the honor system. Teams are responsible for administering their own system. The R&D committee monitors compliance periodically throughout the season, and performs a complete audit of each team at the conclusion of the season. The penalties for non-compliance are harsh, and include disciplinary suspensions for players and coaches, as well as possible forfeiture of matches for playing with ineligible players or coaches.

Players, Managers and Coaches are urged to review the requirements for completing sit-outs, which are documented in the NCSL Rules and Procedures Manual, Section XII.

If you feel a name is on the list in error, managers and coaches are encouraged to contact your club representative as soon as possible so that the list may be cleared prior to the start of the season.  Coaches, Players and Parents are discouraged from contacting the R&D Chairman directly.  All questions should be directed through your NCSL Club Representative.

National Capital Soccer League
Rules and Discipline Committee